Winter War 2016 - The Review (Game 1 vs Khorne Daemonkin)

So my first tournament at 40k for a good few years, three games, limited funds & models.. how do you think I did?

Well the answer is.....

                       .... Terribly!

I don't think I finished bottom.... I think I got second bottom or something instead.

Three games,
Two Losses
One Draw

Did I enjoy myself? Nope, not really.

Was I nice person to play, nope probably not (to my shame).

My first game was against Ed, and his Daemonkin army, this game ended on turn 3, which we didn't realise until I had gone in turn 3, and he had his turn left (15 minutes was not enough to complete the game here!)

This meant I was unable, and unprepared for the end of the game, and therefore wasn't contesting / capturing enough objectives.

What let me down:
I actually think of all the games I played this was the one that I stood the fairest chance at, although I made the following mistakes:

Poor Objective positioning... I should have paid a little more attention to this when we were putting them down

Poor Deployment... there was an Objective that I barely threatened in my half of the table, and two that I should have tackled early doors.

Poor First Blood - well this secondary wasn't actually called first blood, but Draw Blood where you pick a unit to wipe out, if you do you gain 1 VP, but both players get to do it rather than just one person (a little more fair given the impact of first turn on this one I think!) - Do not pick the Warhound pack from the Damonkin list... 2 Wounds, Toughness 4, 5+ Inv, 4+ FNP, Fearless... all round a bad choice from me!

Finally I played too fearfully for what he could and would do to me in combat, I really can't do a fat lot about that, but its worth getting stuck in.

Objective Secured Trumps not Objective Secured... wasted too much firepower against targets I couldn't hurt effectively, rather than just removing his Objective Secured units!

What did I do well?
I played aggressive, dropping in all three of my Drop Pods to threaten objectives and hold up his forces, this worked well and bought me crucial time that meant I was alive for the end of his turn 3!

End result - 9 - 3 in favour of the Daemonkin (the scattering blood letters that claimed the uncontested objective did not help me out here!).

Hopefully I will find the time to write up the rest of the battle reports from the weekend (despite them being very very late already!).