Winter War - The progess

A sick child and new Xbox One games (damn you Titanfall 2 & Battlefield 1) have slowed my progress here. 

A quick update on the models that need painting / finishing.

Main Units

Tactical Squad Alpha - Painted, Plasma Gun & Rocket Launcher Included - Sergeant might need to be replaced due to a lack of points for his power fist! 

Tactical Squad Beta - Needs Guns gluing and Nuln Oil Wash + Basing to be completed - Sergeant also likely to need replacing due to his power fist! 

Tactical Squad Gamma - Needs Guns Gluing and Nuln Oil Wash + Basing to be completed, plus the Heavy Bolter needs highlighting & trim adding.

Command Squad - Needs Highlighting & Trim completing, then a wash & base

Contemptor Dreadnoughts - Both models painted, one needs basing

Attack Bikes - 1 Model finished, 2 need Nuln Oil wash, then all three need basing

Space Marine Captain - Needs highlighting, metal & trim adding to him (may end up being a Cataphratttci Terminator captain, however still due to finalising)

Devastator Squad - Not confirmed to be in the army yet, unit requires trim, wash & metal sorting out + guns attaching

Devastator Centurion Squad - Needs Trim + Metal + Detail + Wash + Basing - these guys will only be in if the Devastator Squad is dropped. 

Stalkers x 2 - Currently not arrived at my local Shop - not even assembled!

Hunter x 1 - Currently not arrived at my local shop - not even assembled! 

Dedicated Transports

Drop Pod Alpha - Assembled, needs highlighting + wash + detail

Drop Pod Beta - Partial Assembled

Drop Pod Gamma - assembly started

Landraider (only used if Hunters & Stalkers do not arrive) - Second coat of blue paint application begun).

In Summary

Oh dear oh dear... its going to be a busy week of painting to get this completed for 9am Saturday Morning!