Horus Hersey (Elites) - Painted so far...

Ok, so not all the models in the picture are actually painted (at least not fully), and I appreciate that three Centurions snuck into this picture!

However I will do a bit of a Deeper dive into the units displayed here, and in this post, we will look at the Elites. 

So first off, the Contemptor.

This guys (as with most of the models) has been built from the Betrayal at Calth set, and is an unmodified built with the Kheres Assault Cannon & Power Fist. 

This army is being based on a rubble / stoney base with a smattering of snow & vegetation to finish it off. 

Following that we have the Cataphrattci Terminators, again from the Betrayal at Calth, this batch are the standard models, Heavy Flamer, 3 Combi Bolters & 1 with Twin Lightning calls. 

Overall pretty happy with how these guys have come out so far, I have another Contemptor I am converting (so far I have a converted Twin Linked Assault Cannon arm and am looking at an Autocannon arm as well. 

The Terminators I will be looking at to see if I can either equip one with a plasma blaster or Reaper Autocannon, not so useful for my 40k games, but should be interesting for 30k.

Kill Team - First Game

Unpainted model alert!

15 years ago playing with unpainted models didn't fuss me, I didn't really rate my painting, nor want to spend valuable hobby time painting instead of playing.

In those intervening years I worked myself round to a point of only wanting to put models on the table when they are painted.

For the first time in probably 10 years I played a game with a bunch of models that haven't even had an undercoat... let alone a lick of real paint.

Ah well, desperate to get a game of 7th Ed (in any form in) and a run at the Kill Team rules my Brothers painted Tau, took on my Unpainted Deathwatch.

First Kill Team list, and I can confirm it wasn't a good one!

Deathwatch Veteran List
Imperial Fist Deathwatch Veteran - Stalker Boltgun, Leader, A Cunning Ruse
Space Wolf Deathwatch Veteran - Combat Shotgun
Salamander Deathwatch Veteran - Infernos Heavy Bolter (Expert Shot)
Dark Angels Deathwatch Veteran - Deathwatch Fragcannon
Blood Angel Deathwatch Veteran - Power Sword (Relentless)
Iron Hand Vanguard Veteran - (Furious Charge)

200 points on the head, and only 6 models on the table... when you die on a 3+ that is not such a smart idea!

The game didn't go too badly, although I was tabled in Turn 6, losing the game on VP's 11-7.

It was a fun game (apart from that realisation that Space Marines are how I remember them not how I read them....)

The Tau did a good job of outflanking me, and sniping me down one model at a time, it wasn't helped that even with the re-rolls from Deathwatch special rules my entire first turn of shooting didn't kill a thing.

Hindsight... next time I will be whacking out a list with a model or two more than I had here!

The Hiccup

So this happened fast.

I had (have) very clear plans for how I am going to do the Deatwatch army, but it looks like I wont be able to get my hands on the models I need in time.

In Time I hear you say / type / think ?!? 

Well I have set myself the challenge of getting my army painted and battle ready for the Winter War charity event that my local club holds each year.

As a quick aside over the last 8 years we have managed to raise £11,000 for various charities doing this, and if you are in or around Dunfermline on the 12th November you should definitely pop along to the Dell Farquharson centre to say hi & take part if you can! 

So with that in mind I have had to reassess starting a new army, that would need painting and assembling. 

That means I am going to pull out the Ultramarines that I have from Betrayal at Calth with a view to get an Ultramarine force up and running in time for the tournament. 

This puts me at a head start with 10 Marines, 1 Contemptor & 5 Terminators prepainted and ready to rock!

My next step is going to be to pick up another Betrayal at Calth set, to give me 60 Marines, 2 Contemptors & 10 Terminators.

I then will need to look at what my options are to build out the Gladuis Strike force.

The key trick here is going to be keeping my model count consistent so that I can use them in 30k games (which was my original intention for these guys).

To begin with I am looking at at a Battle-Demi Company (as its the only core choice).

That requires:

1 Captain / Chaplain
3 Tactical Sqauds (could be 5-10 men here)
1 Assault Unit
1 Devastator unit (can do a heavy bolter devastator squad with the models I will have, or use the Centruions that I somehow have to fill this gap).
0-1 Dreadnought (which can be a contemptor)

The Angels of Death supplement lets me sub in the Cataphrattci Armour Captain, Cataphrattci Terminators & Contemptors in this formation, which can only be a good thing.

I then need to figure out what Auxilary formation I want to use here, as I have managed to also snaffle a Vindicator & 3 Predators if I can work them in, or I will have two Terminator units, which is 2 thirds of a first company formation.

All in all some fun times planning out the list and getting it painted in time!  

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