Horus Heresy (Elites) - Painted so far...

Ok, so not all the models in the picture are actually painted (at least not fully), and I appreciate that three Centurions snuck into this picture!

However I will do a bit of a Deeper dive into the units displayed here, and in this post, we will look at the Elites. 

So first off, the Contemptor.

This guys (as with most of the models) has been built from the Betrayal at Calth set, and is an unmodified built with the Kheres Assault Cannon & Power Fist. 

This army is being based on a rubble / stoney base with a smattering of snow & vegetation to finish it off. 

Following that we have the Cataphrattci Terminators, again from the Betrayal at Calth, this batch are the standard models, Heavy Flamer, 3 Combi Bolters & 1 with Twin Lightning calls. 

Overall pretty happy with how these guys have come out so far, I have another Contemptor I am converting (so far I have a converted Twin Linked Assault Cannon arm and am looking at an Autocannon arm as well. 

The Terminators I will be looking at to see if I can either equip one with a plasma blaster or Reaper Autocannon, not so useful for my 40k games, but should be interesting for 30k.