Kill Team - First Game

Unpainted model alert!

15 years ago playing with unpainted models didn't fuss me, I didn't really rate my painting, nor want to spend valuable hobby time painting instead of playing.

In those intervening years I worked myself round to a point of only wanting to put models on the table when they are painted.

For the first time in probably 10 years I played a game with a bunch of models that haven't even had an undercoat... let alone a lick of real paint.

Ah well, desperate to get a game of 7th Ed (in any form in) and a run at the Kill Team rules my Brothers painted Tau, took on my Unpainted Deathwatch.

First Kill Team list, and I can confirm it wasn't a good one!

Deathwatch Veteran List
Imperial Fist Deathwatch Veteran - Stalker Boltgun, Leader, A Cunning Ruse
Space Wolf Deathwatch Veteran - Combat Shotgun
Salamander Deathwatch Veteran - Infernos Heavy Bolter (Expert Shot)
Dark Angels Deathwatch Veteran - Deathwatch Fragcannon
Blood Angel Deathwatch Veteran - Power Sword (Relentless)
Iron Hand Vanguard Veteran - (Furious Charge)

200 points on the head, and only 6 models on the table... when you die on a 3+ that is not such a smart idea!

The game didn't go too badly, although I was tabled in Turn 6, losing the game on VP's 11-7.

It was a fun game (apart from that realisation that Space Marines are how I remember them not how I read them....)

The Tau did a good job of outflanking me, and sniping me down one model at a time, it wasn't helped that even with the re-rolls from Deathwatch special rules my entire first turn of shooting didn't kill a thing.

Hindsight... next time I will be whacking out a list with a model or two more than I had here!