The Hiccup

So this happened fast.

I had (have) very clear plans for how I am going to do the Deatwatch army, but it looks like I wont be able to get my hands on the models I need in time.

In Time I hear you say / type / think ?!? 

Well I have set myself the challenge of getting my army painted and battle ready for the Winter War charity event that my local club holds each year.

As a quick aside over the last 8 years we have managed to raise £11,000 for various charities doing this, and if you are in or around Dunfermline on the 12th November you should definitely pop along to the Dell Farquharson centre to say hi & take part if you can! 

So with that in mind I have had to reassess starting a new army, that would need painting and assembling. 

That means I am going to pull out the Ultramarines that I have from Betrayal at Calth with a view to get an Ultramarine force up and running in time for the tournament. 

This puts me at a head start with 10 Marines, 1 Contemptor & 5 Terminators prepainted and ready to rock!

My next step is going to be to pick up another Betrayal at Calth set, to give me 60 Marines, 2 Contemptors & 10 Terminators.

I then will need to look at what my options are to build out the Gladuis Strike force.

The key trick here is going to be keeping my model count consistent so that I can use them in 30k games (which was my original intention for these guys).

To begin with I am looking at at a Battle-Demi Company (as its the only core choice).

That requires:

1 Captain / Chaplain
3 Tactical Sqauds (could be 5-10 men here)
1 Assault Unit
1 Devastator unit (can do a heavy bolter devastator squad with the models I will have, or use the Centruions that I somehow have to fill this gap).
0-1 Dreadnought (which can be a contemptor)

The Angels of Death supplement lets me sub in the Cataphrattci Armour Captain, Cataphrattci Terminators & Contemptors in this formation, which can only be a good thing.

I then need to figure out what Auxilary formation I want to use here, as I have managed to also snaffle a Vindicator & 3 Predators if I can work them in, or I will have two Terminator units, which is 2 thirds of a first company formation.

All in all some fun times planning out the list and getting it painted in time!  


Tristan M said…
Funny the things you notice. Farquharson is my families clan - seeing that made me google Dunfermline and it's only 20 mins from Falkirk where my grandfather was born.

Best of luck on the painting challenge.