More Ouflanking Guard

Ok so the picture above is not the only thing I will have in this 1750 point list, nor do they all have the correct special weapons. However this was a quick snap shot of the 60 Veterans that this list is going to field, the most troop choices I have fielded in a while as well.

So on the back of my last post I decided the to modify my army, this is just so that I have two different lists to try as I freely admit two games with a specific type of list is not the most robust of testing.

Anyway, I have now dropped Creed and the Leman Russ Squadron, and have increase the number of Vendetta and Valkyries that I am fielding. I have also boosted my troops from 3 to 6. The equipment on a few of the units has been changed to tweak either the points or make them more useful.

Company Command Squad: 4 x Grenade Launchers, Astropath

Elusive Elano (Counts as Sly Marbo)
Stormtroopers (5); 2 x Meltaguns

Veteran Squad,  3 x Meltaguns, Sergeant Bastonne
Veteran Squad, Gunnery Sergeant Harker, 3 x Grenade Launcher, Forward Sentries
Veteran Squad, 3 x Meltaguns
Veteran Squad, 3 x Meltaguns
Veteran Squad, 3 x Grenade Launcher
Veteran Squad, 3 x Flamer

Vendetta Squadron, 2 Vendettas
Vendetta Squadron, 2 Vendettas
Valkyrie Squadron, 2 Valkyries with Multiple Rocket Pods

So what does this list have going for it? Well it all starts in reserves, unless I want to throw Gunnery Sergeant Harkers Veterans to the Wolves and start them on the table, potentially on an objective.

So it has a maximum of 6 Reserve rolls. Of whiche the Valks and Vendettas will be Outflanking (potentially Harkers squad too). Elusive Elano uses his special deployment rules, and the Stormtroopers, well I get to decide with them.

I can infiltrate them onto the Battlefield, Outflank them on or Deep Strike them. The latter has some real potential to put them next to a unit of MEQ's or a Tank and unleash unholy hell on them. With 16 Hotshot Lasgun rounds and 2 Melta's I should be able to put a dent in most Marine Squads.

The Valks will start with a Melta Veteran Squad each, as these squads will benefit the most from the extra 6" the Valks will move a turn.

One Vendetta Squadron will have the Grenade Launcher unit and the Company Command Squad, while the other will have the Flamer unit and Bastonnes Meltaguns. Over all this gives me a real good chance to be able to use the units how I want to.

Harkers squad can put out a fair bit of firepower and has the potential to deal with Light Armour, at least enough to slow its advance with some luck. They also have Stealth and Camo Cloaks, which added with Cover gives them a 2+ Cover save while in cover... something I hope to keep them in at all times.

Onto the Vechiles themselves and the two Vendetta Squadrons have real potential to knock out pretty much any tank in the game with between 4-5 Lascannon hits a turn, even Landraiders will hopefully prove less of a threat.

The Val;ks will be used as last turn Objectives contesters or capturers depending on how the rest of the army is doing.

Now all I need to do is think up and write some background for my named Characters.

A Good Week

This week was the first time in a while that I managed to get in a few good games of 40k.

In total I played 3 times. Two games at 1750, using the list presented here. Both of which were against Space Wolves.

Two different players, and two very different lists. Although both of them were running two Landraiders.

The first game was against Tom (the picture above is of his army) and was a Kill Point misson... not something my guard usually look forward too, however in the end I won the game 11 Kill Points to 4.

The Outflanking worked perfectly, with me arriving and taking out a Landraider, Grey Hunter & Razorback in turn 2. From there it was an uphill struggle for Tom, especially as it was 'one of those days' for him, where he rarely got a dice roll he needed.

The second game was a Capture and Control with 5 Objectives on the table. I ended up winning that one 1-0 by congo lining two of my Veteran Squads between three objectives to contest two of them and control the third. One objective no one went for, and the final one had my Vendetta go Flat out to be within 3" of it on Turn 7.

So what did I take from my games? Well the first thing is that when the dice go with you it is a challenge to lose, and my first game was certainly way easier because the dice were with me this time.

The other thing I found was that the Primaris Psyker wasn't really getting used. He has been in my last 3 games (admittedly all against Space Wolves) and hasnt managed to get a power off in any of the games.

The Demolisher squadron is a point sink, not just because it costs 330 points, but because they were a major part of why I had Creed in. So I was basically spending 420 points on them, and they didnt really manage to do much, although they drew a couple of shots from the enemy.

The Stormtroopers didnt do badly, but I need to learn not to move the Chimera too far so that they cannot shoot.

Sly Marbo was thy MVM (Most Valued Model) in the second game, when he arrived  and ended up surving 8 Bolters hits, then Charged a 5 Man Long Fang squad and wiped them out in two rounds of combat... he is a beast for sure!

All in all I have decided to revise my list slightly as I am unhappy with the Demolisher Squadron, Chimera and Primaris Psyker. This I will post up in the next couple of days.

I also want to try a list without Creed, and therefore without any Demolishers, this list will be getting posted tomorrow.

Outflanking Guard

It has been a few weeks since I last posted.

Mainly because I took a bit of a break and didn’t get any games in.

Then this week I spoke to Tom about heading over to KoA for a game, and he asked me to build a 1750 point list.

The picture is of his Armies deployment when he found I would be Outflanking with everything, well apart from Sly Marbo.

Now despite all my promises that I would definitely do this, and I would be there, it wasn’t until an hour before my lift would have left that I started packing the models, and the army list itself was finished around 5 minutes before the game started.

It was also a very fun game, it had its usual frustrations, and I won’t say I didn’t have my usual doom n gloom when 9 Twin Linked Lascannons failed to hurt a Landraider that hadn’t even popped its smoke launchers, but it was a fun game.

It was close and down to the wire as to whether I could win, draw or lose it. The final result was loss, with Tom’s Space Wolves controlling my objective and one of my Vendettas sitting on his.

The list wasn’t as good as it could have been, and my tactics let me down, but the game really got me itching to play another… and now I am sitting at work on my break Imperial Guard Codex in hand, Spreadsheet on screen trying to figure out how to do a decent 1750 point list.

Well as per normal I figured I would post my list up here, and let people see what they think of it. As always I hope for lots of feedback so feel free to rip it to shreds, praise it or just question it.

1750 Points
Methelas 1st Airborne
Colonel Nhojeth’s Nightstalkers

Company Command Squad, Vox Caster, Meltagun x 2, Astropath, Colonel Nhojeth (Counts as Creed).
Primaris Psyker

Stormtroopers: 10 Man, 2 x Meltaguns, Chimera
Elusive Elano (Counts as Sly Marbo)

Veteran Squad: Vox Caster, 3 x Meltaguns
Veteran Squad: Vox Caster, 3 x Meltaguns
Veteran Squad: Vox Caster, 3 x Plasma Guns

Valkayrie Assault Carriers, 2 Strong, Multiple Rocket Pods

Lemans Russ Squadron, Demolisher x 2, Both with Hull Mounted Flamer.

This list starts entirely off the board with everything Outflanking, and Elusive Elano in reserve.

The Single Vendettas each contain a Veteran squad with Meltaguns, while the Squadron has the Plasma Vets and command squad.

The Stormtroopers will be flexible with the ability to choose their special mission prior to the game meaning they can choose to Outflank in their Chimera.

The Leman Russ squadron will benefit from the Colonel’s tactical genius and will Outflank as well.

If the army turns up together then I should be able to cause some serious issues for my enemy, if I arrive piecemeal then I don’t except to live that long.

With only 3 Troop choices I could struggle to capture objectives, but I will take that risk for the extra mobility, and 12 Kill points is not too bad.

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