A Good Week

This week was the first time in a while that I managed to get in a few good games of 40k.

In total I played 3 times. Two games at 1750, using the list presented here. Both of which were against Space Wolves.

Two different players, and two very different lists. Although both of them were running two Landraiders.

The first game was against Tom (the picture above is of his army) and was a Kill Point misson... not something my guard usually look forward too, however in the end I won the game 11 Kill Points to 4.

The Outflanking worked perfectly, with me arriving and taking out a Landraider, Grey Hunter & Razorback in turn 2. From there it was an uphill struggle for Tom, especially as it was 'one of those days' for him, where he rarely got a dice roll he needed.

The second game was a Capture and Control with 5 Objectives on the table. I ended up winning that one 1-0 by congo lining two of my Veteran Squads between three objectives to contest two of them and control the third. One objective no one went for, and the final one had my Vendetta go Flat out to be within 3" of it on Turn 7.

So what did I take from my games? Well the first thing is that when the dice go with you it is a challenge to lose, and my first game was certainly way easier because the dice were with me this time.

The other thing I found was that the Primaris Psyker wasn't really getting used. He has been in my last 3 games (admittedly all against Space Wolves) and hasnt managed to get a power off in any of the games.

The Demolisher squadron is a point sink, not just because it costs 330 points, but because they were a major part of why I had Creed in. So I was basically spending 420 points on them, and they didnt really manage to do much, although they drew a couple of shots from the enemy.

The Stormtroopers didnt do badly, but I need to learn not to move the Chimera too far so that they cannot shoot.

Sly Marbo was thy MVM (Most Valued Model) in the second game, when he arrived  and ended up surving 8 Bolters hits, then Charged a 5 Man Long Fang squad and wiped them out in two rounds of combat... he is a beast for sure!

All in all I have decided to revise my list slightly as I am unhappy with the Demolisher Squadron, Chimera and Primaris Psyker. This I will post up in the next couple of days.

I also want to try a list without Creed, and therefore without any Demolishers, this list will be getting posted tomorrow.