Outflanking Guard

It has been a few weeks since I last posted.

Mainly because I took a bit of a break and didn’t get any games in.

Then this week I spoke to Tom about heading over to KoA for a game, and he asked me to build a 1750 point list.

The picture is of his Armies deployment when he found I would be Outflanking with everything, well apart from Sly Marbo.

Now despite all my promises that I would definitely do this, and I would be there, it wasn’t until an hour before my lift would have left that I started packing the models, and the army list itself was finished around 5 minutes before the game started.

It was also a very fun game, it had its usual frustrations, and I won’t say I didn’t have my usual doom n gloom when 9 Twin Linked Lascannons failed to hurt a Landraider that hadn’t even popped its smoke launchers, but it was a fun game.

It was close and down to the wire as to whether I could win, draw or lose it. The final result was loss, with Tom’s Space Wolves controlling my objective and one of my Vendettas sitting on his.

The list wasn’t as good as it could have been, and my tactics let me down, but the game really got me itching to play another… and now I am sitting at work on my break Imperial Guard Codex in hand, Spreadsheet on screen trying to figure out how to do a decent 1750 point list.

Well as per normal I figured I would post my list up here, and let people see what they think of it. As always I hope for lots of feedback so feel free to rip it to shreds, praise it or just question it.

1750 Points
Methelas 1st Airborne
Colonel Nhojeth’s Nightstalkers

Company Command Squad, Vox Caster, Meltagun x 2, Astropath, Colonel Nhojeth (Counts as Creed).
Primaris Psyker

Stormtroopers: 10 Man, 2 x Meltaguns, Chimera
Elusive Elano (Counts as Sly Marbo)

Veteran Squad: Vox Caster, 3 x Meltaguns
Veteran Squad: Vox Caster, 3 x Meltaguns
Veteran Squad: Vox Caster, 3 x Plasma Guns

Valkayrie Assault Carriers, 2 Strong, Multiple Rocket Pods

Lemans Russ Squadron, Demolisher x 2, Both with Hull Mounted Flamer.

This list starts entirely off the board with everything Outflanking, and Elusive Elano in reserve.

The Single Vendettas each contain a Veteran squad with Meltaguns, while the Squadron has the Plasma Vets and command squad.

The Stormtroopers will be flexible with the ability to choose their special mission prior to the game meaning they can choose to Outflank in their Chimera.

The Leman Russ squadron will benefit from the Colonel’s tactical genius and will Outflank as well.

If the army turns up together then I should be able to cause some serious issues for my enemy, if I arrive piecemeal then I don’t except to live that long.

With only 3 Troop choices I could struggle to capture objectives, but I will take that risk for the extra mobility, and 12 Kill points is not too bad.


AbusePuppy said…
Even assuming a hit, Lascannons have ~8% chance to actually hurt a Land Raider (since you need 6s to pen and glances really aren't going to do anything). Nine of them failing to hurt it really isn't all that unlikely given Guard BS.

The Primaris seems like kind of a waste, as he doesn't have a whole lot he adds to the army for his points. Another CCS or points spent elsewhere would probably do better, as you lack bodies.

Al'Rahem would let you bring a regular Infantry Platoon and outflank with it, giving you access to some cheap scoring units. I'd drop the Stormtroopers for his squads, as they've just never felt that impressive for their cost in my view.

Why Vox in Creed's squad? No one else in your army has it, so it's kind of wasted. Sticking him into a Chimera would go a long ways towards making him useful, as you could take advantage of his four orders per turn without leaving him out in the open. Melta also puts them in the front line where they're easy prey- if you go with the Chim, I'd give them an Autocannon/Sniper Rifle or Missile/Sniper.

The Plasma Vets seem kinda unneeded, as you already have Marbo, Lascannons, and Melta to be chopping up heavy infantry and MCs. Maybe fiddle with them to give them another role, or drop them to add some more bodies?

Overall, I'd say dump the psyker, the Plasma Vet squad, and the Stormtroopers; this nets you about 450pts. Al'rahem, in his PCS (4x Flamer) and two Infantry Squads (Autocannon, Sniper), with the latter two in Chimeras gives you five scoring squads total, which is a lot better for T3 guys. You also end up with some static firepower to sit on a home objective (or one near a board edge) if you want it.

The few remaining points could be used for miscellaneous upgrades- Chimera for Creed and friends, Bolter Sponsons for the airplanes, maybe a Demo Charge somewhere or something.
Kraggi said…
Well the problem with putting Creed in a Chimera is then he can't outflank, or if he gives his own unit the Scouts rule, then the Leman Russ Squadron cannot outflank.

Have had a lot of feedback on the Al'Rahem platoon from other sources so will retweak the list and repost it.

I see your point about Creed and the Melta's. Also I think you mis read the list as the Vet's also have Vox Casters.

The Armies in my area tend to be heavy on Armour so the Melta units are tied up dealing with them, and are not really free to wipe out Squads, which is why I have the Plasma's but when all said and done I think they do cost a bit more than I want.

So you should see a new list from me tomorrow, and I welcome any more feedback, will also explain my squad choices a bit better next time too.
Tom said…
I've actually got a slightly better deployment lined up for next time if you're outflanking everything! It's one I want to try with the Space Pups but reckon I would be using it almost automatically if I had my Tau out to play as well!
Kraggi said…
Not looking forward to that setup then.

Think the list could be interestingly different... maybe.

Gonna fiddle with it some more in preperation for this week.