More Ouflanking Guard

Ok so the picture above is not the only thing I will have in this 1750 point list, nor do they all have the correct special weapons. However this was a quick snap shot of the 60 Veterans that this list is going to field, the most troop choices I have fielded in a while as well.

So on the back of my last post I decided the to modify my army, this is just so that I have two different lists to try as I freely admit two games with a specific type of list is not the most robust of testing.

Anyway, I have now dropped Creed and the Leman Russ Squadron, and have increase the number of Vendetta and Valkyries that I am fielding. I have also boosted my troops from 3 to 6. The equipment on a few of the units has been changed to tweak either the points or make them more useful.

Company Command Squad: 4 x Grenade Launchers, Astropath

Elusive Elano (Counts as Sly Marbo)
Stormtroopers (5); 2 x Meltaguns

Veteran Squad,  3 x Meltaguns, Sergeant Bastonne
Veteran Squad, Gunnery Sergeant Harker, 3 x Grenade Launcher, Forward Sentries
Veteran Squad, 3 x Meltaguns
Veteran Squad, 3 x Meltaguns
Veteran Squad, 3 x Grenade Launcher
Veteran Squad, 3 x Flamer

Vendetta Squadron, 2 Vendettas
Vendetta Squadron, 2 Vendettas
Valkyrie Squadron, 2 Valkyries with Multiple Rocket Pods

So what does this list have going for it? Well it all starts in reserves, unless I want to throw Gunnery Sergeant Harkers Veterans to the Wolves and start them on the table, potentially on an objective.

So it has a maximum of 6 Reserve rolls. Of whiche the Valks and Vendettas will be Outflanking (potentially Harkers squad too). Elusive Elano uses his special deployment rules, and the Stormtroopers, well I get to decide with them.

I can infiltrate them onto the Battlefield, Outflank them on or Deep Strike them. The latter has some real potential to put them next to a unit of MEQ's or a Tank and unleash unholy hell on them. With 16 Hotshot Lasgun rounds and 2 Melta's I should be able to put a dent in most Marine Squads.

The Valks will start with a Melta Veteran Squad each, as these squads will benefit the most from the extra 6" the Valks will move a turn.

One Vendetta Squadron will have the Grenade Launcher unit and the Company Command Squad, while the other will have the Flamer unit and Bastonnes Meltaguns. Over all this gives me a real good chance to be able to use the units how I want to.

Harkers squad can put out a fair bit of firepower and has the potential to deal with Light Armour, at least enough to slow its advance with some luck. They also have Stealth and Camo Cloaks, which added with Cover gives them a 2+ Cover save while in cover... something I hope to keep them in at all times.

Onto the Vechiles themselves and the two Vendetta Squadrons have real potential to knock out pretty much any tank in the game with between 4-5 Lascannon hits a turn, even Landraiders will hopefully prove less of a threat.

The Val;ks will be used as last turn Objectives contesters or capturers depending on how the rest of the army is doing.

Now all I need to do is think up and write some background for my named Characters.


Tom said…
Hmmm.... a target rich environment me thinks!
Kraggi said…
Not really, 3 fast attacks to shoot at, 1 troop, 2 elite thats it, the rest is in transports.