Tournament planning 2,000 points, Ultramarines - (List C)

This list is a variation on list B, looking at swapping out Guilliman to add in some extra early turn punch! 

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It grants me 3-5 units arriving via deep strike which should allow me to effectively cripple a component of my enemies army, 

Unit seperation when arriving is a big thing to make sure that the enemy cannot focus fire lots of shots into that 10 man unit and kill 10 guys, I much prefer them losing some shots to overkill when going for a Combat squad...

Much more heavy fire power in here for dealing with Tanks and the like with 7 rocket launchers, plus the up close and personal touch of the Terminators should it be required! 

Spearhead Detachment


  • Primaris Lieutenant, Power Sword x 1
  • Captain, Power Sword, Combi-Plasma

  • Sternguard Veteran Squad, x 10, Plasma Gun x 2
  • Tartaros Terminators, x10, Reaper Autocannon x 2, Volkite Charger x 1, Combi Bolter x 7, Power Sword x 2, Power Fist x 2, Lightning Claw x 4, Power Fist x 2, Chainfist x 2
Fast Attack
  • Inceptor Squad, x 3, Assault Bolter x 6
Heavy Support
  • Predator, Predator Autocannon, Heavy Bolter x 2
  • Devastator Squad, x10, Combi Plasma, Rocket Launcher x 2, Heavy Bolter x 2
  • Devastator Squad, x10, Combi Plasma, Rocket Launcher x 2, Heavy Bolter x 2
  • Devastator Squad, x7, Combi Flamer, Rocket Launcher x 3, Heavy Bolter x 1
Dedicated Transport
  • Drop Pod, Storm Bolter

Total Points: 1995 / 2000

Total Power: 109
Total Deployment (min - max) 6 - 9
Command Points: 4

A few more pictures of the army, probably closer to being completed than it looks!