Tournament planning 2,000 points, Ultramarines - (List B)

 Some pictures (above and below) of the army in all its partially painted glory! 

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List D

My second post of the day (a rare feat I know!) as I am looking for feedback on what people think of these lists, there are four and any opinions or comments will be welcomed as I need to submit on the 2nd July! 

 A slightly different approach this time, partly because I did want a list written with Guilliman in it (I actually have two with another one coming later). 

Forgoing all Troop choices here I instead have a lot of Heavy Support hoping to whittle down the enemy with long rang shooting! 

Spearhead Detachment


  • Primaris Lieutenant, Power Sword x 1
  • Captain, Power Sword, Combi-Plasma

  • Sternguard Veteran Squad, x 10, Plasma Gun x 2
  • Tartaros Terminators, x5, Reaper Autocannon x 1, Volkite Charger x 1, Combi Bolter x 3, Power Sword x 1, Power Fist x 1, Lightning Claw x 3

Fast Attack

  • Inceptor Squad, x 3, Assault Bolter x 6

Heavy Support

  • Predator, Predator Twin Lascannon, Lascannon x 2
  • Predator, Predator Autocannon, Heavy Bolter x 2
  • Devastator Squad, x10, Rocket Launcher x 4
  • Devastator Squad, x10, Heavy Bolter x 4
Lord of War Auxilary

Lord of War
  • Roboute Guilliman

Total Points: 1962 / 2000

Total Power: 108
Total Deployment (min - max) 8 - 13
Command Points: 4