Themed Flying

So with flyers being the new and in thing for 40k, I thought I would take a couple of posts to look at how you can theme your list around them.

In this case I have decided to go for what I believe will be an entirely reserved list, with several scoring units, and lots of flyers!

This is an off the cuff idea, and I don't actually have the flyers to do it yet (although that will happen me thinks).

Necron Overlord - Mindshackle Scarabs, Warscythe

Royal Court -
Harbinger of Destruction - Eldritch Lance & Solar Pulse

Immortals x 8, Gauss Blaster, Night Scythe

Immortals x 8, Gauss Blaster, Night Scythe

Warriors x 5, Night Scythe

Warriors x 5, Night Scythe

Doom Scythe

Doom Scythe

Doom Scythe

So an entirely reserved army list, with lots of Flyers. 

The Anti Horde of this force comes down to the lots and lots of Twin Linked Tesla Destructors along side their Arc special rule should give me a decent shout at destroying Infantry.

The Doom Scythes themselves will be on Anti Tank Duties with their Death Ray, and in the turn I deploy all my Gauss Weaponary I should hopefully be able to deal with a Tank or two as well. 

The Nature of Tesla on the Flyers, means that even if I need to take evasive maneuvers requiring 6's to hit with a re-roll that grant me three hits is not such a bad thing against, at works AV12 flyers. 

For the turn I need to drop my troops off I even have a Solar Pulse, just to help them all survive, but hopefully by that point it will be game set n match anyway. 

All in All I think this could be a very fun list to play, and for those of you curious it comes to a grand total of 1500 points.... not too shabby!!

Admittedly not having the rule book in my hands means this is major theory crafting, we also don't know how the FAQ will affect the Necrons so it could all change, but if nothing else some food for thought!

Cry Havoc 2012!

This weekend just gone I had the pleasure of attending one of the larger Warhammer Tournaments in Scotland.

My Hobby in May

A bit late of this for last month.

Not as many games as I might have liked but I suppose 7 in a month isn't terrible for me at the moment. 

Chaos of the Warp 3:
Finished 4th out of 8.

Game 1: Grey Knights & Blood Angels vs Space Wolves & Grey Knights - Victory
Game 2: Grey Knights & Blood Angels vs Dual Blood Angels - Loss
Game 3: Grey Knights & Blood Angels vs Space Wolves & Eldar - Draw

General Gaming:
Planetstrike Necron Defending vs Dark Eldar Attacking - Loss 
Annhilation Necrons vs Blood Angels - Loss (12-8)
Sieze Ground Necrons vs Blood Angels - Win (1-0)
Annihilation Necrons vs Space Marines - Win (9-2)

So more practice in with my Crons and with a 1500 point tournament coming up this month you will be seeing some lists of mine hitting the blog.

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