Cry Havoc 2012!

This weekend just gone I had the pleasure of attending one of the larger Warhammer Tournaments in Scotland.

It ended up with 34 players in total, with three games played.

I took my Dwarves, as I usually do to Warhammer tournaments, and through some very good fortune managed to win my first two games, the first a 15-5, the second a 14-6, placing me on table 4 in the last game, and facing the Scottish Teams Skaven player... that game I promptly lose 18-2.

Overall this gave me a respectable 16th place.

As with all games you play infrequently I made some silly tactical errors in all the games, which cost me valuable victory points, however this tournament has rekindled my interest in Warhammer, and the unfinished Skaven army on my shelves may even get some love in the next few months.

With the upcoming release of 6th Ed, I imagine that most of my posts will be 40k related, but its good to remember the other games you play as well.

So three more battles to add to the Book of Grudges, with a certain Skaven Warlords name high on the list of things to hunt down!

For those curious the list I took is present below:

Dwarf Lord; General, Shield Bearers, Runic Armour, Preservation, Resistance, Runic Weapon, Rune of Might, Fury & Master Rune of Swiftness, Runic Talisman, Master Rune of Challenge.

Dwarf Rune Lord, Runic Talisman, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spell Breaking x 2.

Dwarf Thane, BsB, Runic Standard, Rune of Gaurding, Rune of Warding

Longbeards, 40, Full Command, Shield, Runic Standard, Rune of Courage & Rune of Determination

Hammerers, 40, Full COmmand, Runic Standard, Rune of Grungi (or as one of my opponents called it the Gungan Bubble).

Cannon, Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning

Cannon, Rune of Burning


Organ Gun

Organ Gun

Total 2400 points.


Gigawatts said…
I love seeing Longbeards with shields since then they are fairly point efficient. Great weapons make them spendy.

How do you run your hammerers? I've been doing them 5 wide. I am going to try and run a shieldbearer lord, myself, and he may take up too much room at 5-wide. Is that good or bad?
Kraggi said…
I tend to run my Hammerers in a horde formation, with the Lord in there it means I have 12 casualties to take before I lose attacks back.

At WS5, S6 the 29 attacks i get, plus the lord are normally enough for me to win combat comfortably lol.

Not seen the need to run em 5 wide, as with them being stubborn you should be fine if you hit the wrong type of unit.
Gigawatts said…
I have been trying to beat units with combat resolution. I find that with my small bases, many units have a hard time getting any kills back. It could be an invalid strategy. I am new to the dwarfs.
Kraggi said…
I have had my Dwarves since around 2006, but am still pretty new at them. I dont think I have played more than 15 games with em in 8th so my tactics are probably not the best.

I do need to get more games in and will try the thinner formation in the future and see how that performs for me, because as you say it does reduce the number of attacks they throw out as well.