My Hobby in May

A bit late of this for last month.

Not as many games as I might have liked but I suppose 7 in a month isn't terrible for me at the moment. 

Chaos of the Warp 3:
Finished 4th out of 8.

Game 1: Grey Knights & Blood Angels vs Space Wolves & Grey Knights - Victory
Game 2: Grey Knights & Blood Angels vs Dual Blood Angels - Loss
Game 3: Grey Knights & Blood Angels vs Space Wolves & Eldar - Draw

General Gaming:
Planetstrike Necron Defending vs Dark Eldar Attacking - Loss 
Annhilation Necrons vs Blood Angels - Loss (12-8)
Sieze Ground Necrons vs Blood Angels - Win (1-0)
Annihilation Necrons vs Space Marines - Win (9-2)

So more practice in with my Crons and with a 1500 point tournament coming up this month you will be seeing some lists of mine hitting the blog.


Siph_Horridus said…
That's about 6 more than I manage per month!
Liking your blog, and was wondering if you've given any thought to Sedition Wars? I'm gonna give it a go, as there's a few guys at work who will be up for a game, and an $100 outlay beats getting them into 40k.
Kraggi said…
I have to adimt that I havent been looking at new games as I own too many that I dont play (Warma/Hordes, Dystopian Wars (although I love the models for that one), Battlefleet Gothic, Magic, WoW) so at the moment I am avoiding any more outlay if I can lol.