List building Fever - 2,000 points of what?


So my name is Kraggi and I have a problem.

I write army lists, I love writing army lists, I can barely stop writing them (this problem exists for nearly all my game systems). 

I want to tweak, to min max, to do the unexpected. 

Right confession out of the way, next new list (which actually isnt too far away from being a reality for me)...

Lord of War:
Roboute Guilliman - Rite of War, Armoured Breakthrough

Legion Consul - Legate Axe

Sicaran Battle Tank, Heavy Bolter Sponsors
Sicaran Battle Tank, Lascannon Sponsors, Hunter Killer

Tartaros Terminators x 8, Heavy Flamer, Chainfist x 2, Power Fist x 2, Lightning Claw x 4
 - Spartan Assault Tank (dedicated Transport), with Auxilary Drive, Armoured Ceramite, Flare Shield

Sicaran Venator Tank Destroyer

The Plan?
Well basically its going to be run the Spartan forward for the Terminators to take / contest any mid - back field objectives, with the flareshield & armoured ceramite, that basically means that outside of Close Combat nothing short of a Lascannon can hurt it, and it requires a Strength 10, non blast weapon to actually penetrate it. 

Guilliman can make the Sicarans scoring when required, or grant them Interceptor depending on my foe & the mission. 

The Predators are actually very cheap scoring units at only 75 points a whack to hold my backfield / mid objectives, while pinging off their shots. 

Admittedly the Spartan is running with circa 1100 points of my army in it, but boy it will hit things like a freight train when it works, and I can technically split the occupants and charge three seperate squads when I get to my objective.

What are your thoughts?

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