List building Fever - 2,000 points of what?


So my name is Kraggi and I have a problem.

I write army lists, I love writing army lists, I can barely stop writing them (this problem exists for nearly all my game systems). 

I want to tweak, to min max, to do the unexpected. 

Right confession out of the way, next new list (which actually isnt too far away from being a reality for me)...

Lord of War:
Roboute Guilliman - Rite of War, Armoured Breakthrough

Legion Consul - Legate Axe

Sicaran Battle Tank, Heavy Bolter Sponsors
Sicaran Battle Tank, Lascannon Sponsors, Hunter Killer

Tartaros Terminators x 8, Heavy Flamer, Chainfist x 2, Power Fist x 2, Lightning Claw x 4
 - Spartan Assault Tank (dedicated Transport), with Auxilary Drive, Armoured Ceramite, Flare Shield

Sicaran Venator Tank Destroyer

The Plan?
Well basically its going to be run the Spartan forward for the Terminators to take / contest any mid - back field objectives, with the flareshield & armoured ceramite, that basically means that outside of Close Combat nothing short of a Lascannon can hurt it, and it requires a Strength 10, non blast weapon to actually penetrate it. 

Guilliman can make the Sicarans scoring when required, or grant them Interceptor depending on my foe & the mission. 

The Predators are actually very cheap scoring units at only 75 points a whack to hold my backfield / mid objectives, while pinging off their shots. 

Admittedly the Spartan is running with circa 1100 points of my army in it, but boy it will hit things like a freight train when it works, and I can technically split the occupants and charge three seperate squads when I get to my objective.

What are your thoughts?


jabberjabber said…
This is a very powerful and downright scary list :)
I think that even a Questoris Knight list would have issues facing off against a Primarch plus Armoured Breakthrough rite of war to be honest. Two things to consider: how would you approach a "mirror match" with this list (meaning: how would you tackle an identical list), and how would you respond to a list that was infiltration or deep strike heavy and could potentially take hits on your rear armour all round. Sure, the terminators and spartan would do well, but I'm trying to think of a way to counter all those fast tanks with lots of dakka, and I'm coming up a bit short with most of the standard armies. I think a Death Guard reaping army would probably be the worst match up for this one, but few else immediately spring to mind. I think I would personally try to ignore the spartan and take out the predators to prevent scoring to try to win a game against it (and otherwise just try to hide and deny the list any targets as best as possible).
Kraggi said…
Oh no doubt this is a list that the first time you see it, has the potential to role you under.

Most standard lists will have one or two long ranged threats to this list, and a couple of up close ones.

And in theory it should have the time and numbers to deal with both.

In thinking about this though, I would like to tweak down the amount of points spent on the very few infantry.

Realistically as I still have Heavy Support spare I would look to move the Spartan into Heavy Support, and take an 11 man tactical squad (as then they cannot purchase a Rhino) to pop in the Sicaran with Roboute.

That would leave me 100 points spare, allowing another Sicaran Venator, or two more Predators to increase the scoring potential.

Another option is to significantly trip the upgrades on the Spartan, but I think the additional survivability of it is probably worth it.

How it would handle deep striking lists is a good question, and it probably comes down to castling in a corner of the board with my squishyist units hidden, while the rest bear the brunt of the fire.

Against a similar list its going to be a pretty interesting game I think, pity this is likely to always be a I could do that, rather than I would do that.

Although saying that I technically only need one more sicaran and the predators.....