Planetfall Battle Report (Directorate vs Dindrenzi)

Another game with my Cyberwarfare list using the latest Version 6 ORBATs. 

This time against Dindrenizi, piccys and details after the jump! 

Planetfall Battle Report (Directorate vs Sorylians)

Using the Cyber list i posted earlier in the week I managed a 3500 point game on Friday, some pictures and the battle report after the jump

Aquan Assault Helix Unboxing

The final unboxing for the Aquan forces. This will signal the completion of a full Aquan Helix as I will now own

Core x 2
Aerial (Ground Attack & Interceptor)
Recon (+ Terquai Recon)

Lots of pictures after the jump! 

Todays Project

So today I will be mostly trying to Spray some models

Here are the contents of the Directorate Infantry Upgrade box, Aquan assault helix and half of the Directorate Recon Helix and the Infantry from the Aquan Ground Command

Yes I still have a Direcorate Ground Command Helix that i havent shown painted pictures of yet, and thats partly because I haven't done enough on them.... despite a twitter picture showing that I just needed to Nuln oil them a few weeks ago, I still haven't actually done that, and the basing of the models needs finishing

Something I hope to have done by the end of this weekend...

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