Aquan Assault Helix Unboxing

The final unboxing for the Aquan forces. This will signal the completion of a full Aquan Helix as I will now own

Core x 2
Aerial (Ground Attack & Interceptor)
Recon (+ Terquai Recon)

Lots of pictures after the jump! 

As usual starting with the picture of the inside of the box, three bags in this one. 

And the contents out for all to see. Lots of legs...

The Sakatar is a nice chunky tank, and really fits its unusually high DR for an Aquan Hover tank.

Without the base peg.


Seeing three of these guys coming towards you should fill your infantry with fear (and pretty much anything else to be honest). 

Now for the Ju-Fa Shaim...

Above and below we have the left and right profile shots of the head of the model .

And be below a very poor attempt to show you the back of the head... (just ignore the Sakatars)

All six legs! 

Followed by the base.. I have some plans modelling for the next ones of these I might buy, but for now I just used the base as presented. 

And here we have the first one of them glued together, slight rotation on the head to the left.

The same guy from the side. 

And a better shot from behind the model. 

Here I have positioned him more straight.

And on this one I added a bit of Green stuff to extend the end of the head to more of a point. 

The two of them together...