February Hobby

So with a fantastic opening month of January with 13 games in, how did February go? Well not too badly, 9 games played, and 5 more at the beginning of March sees me steadily heading past 25 games well before the end of March. 

Warhammer & Painting Live Stream

A quick plug for another Blogger out there.
Joey Berry is doing a live stream, answering questions & painting.
If you are around and free, worth checking it out!

Chaos Showcase

Hi there! It's Dragkon.

Over last few months been working on several different projects and now have found some time upload the pics. This post will be looking at the Chaos force that I got from the Dark Vengeance set. 

Battle Brothers 2013

Hey THERE! its Dragkon.

I thought I share some photos with all you good people from the battle brother weekend that me, my brother Kraggi, Rusty Nail and Fin, went to.


I recently had the pleasure of running a tournament for my local gaming club. 20 players. 3 games and in the end a lot of fun.

Games in January

So with my New Years resolution set for 100 Games, I made the best inroads that I could this month.

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