Rapid Fire Review - how did the list perform?

With Rapid Fire 2017 over and done, and some time to reflect on the event its time to look forward to the Grand Tournament in December. 

Many of you will have seen the winning list of the first heat, and I have to admit using Guilliman is a temptation, although I have a slightly cheaper version for a fraction of the cost within this list. 

At Rapid Fire I went W2, L3, not the best of records, but 2 of the losses could really have gone either way, and another really relied on me focusing my firepower much more effectively than I had done! 

Of the 2 losses that could have gone either way, one of them we only got to turn 3, and had we had another 2 turns it was highly unlikely I would have lost the game (especially as I knew it was the last turn and sacrifice a scoring unit, Librarian & Repulsor to try and down a wretched Grandmaster that should already have died!) 

Initially on the day I felt like i should completely change my list, however this experience has said to me that actually I can probably make this work without changing it too drastically, below are my thoughts on each of the units and their performance. 

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Keyword - Ultramarines
Chapter Tactics - Ultramarines
Command Points - 6 (3 Used)
Total Points - 2,000

Battalion Detachment:

Captain x 1
Bolt Pistol x 2
Power Axe x x 1
Relics - Santic Halo
Stratagem - Chapter Master
Warlord Trait - Adept of the Codex

The Warlord trait was useful refunding a number of Command points in later games, although it didn't help in the first. I also really need an FAQ from GW about command points and this rule when the command points are spent pre game (i.e Chapter Master).

The Santic Halo was vital, with only two games where it didnt benefit me to have an extra dispel. 

The Power Axe added no value (other than contributing to him dying, so its something I probably need to look at scrapping!).

Lieutenant x 1
Plasma Pistol x 1
Power Maul x 1

The Lieutenant was useful for his re-roll 1's to wound, but beyond that didnt really help a whole lot with his Plasma Pistol or Power Maul, so two items I think I am going to drop! 

Librarian x 1
Stormbolter x 1
Force Sword x 1
Psychic Powers - Smite, Null Zone, Might of Heroes

Useful not as useful as I might have hoped, but I am debating at looking to an alternative (this guy rocks in at 107 points, for 23 more I can get Tigurius....

Tactical Squads x 10
Combi Plasma for the Sergeant x 1
Heavy Bolter x 1
Flamer x 1

Felt somewhat lack lustre, I am trying to think of anything they did across the three games... held up a Redemptor in Game 3, held an objective in Game 2 for the duration, and nearly held an objective Game 5. 

Ultimately I think that my Weapons mix and employment didnt work well for this unit.

Scout Squad x 9
Sniper Rifle x 9
Camo Cloak x 9

Drew a lot of fire from targets early in the game, splitting the unit might help survive some of that, and in the final game they had a very good session plinking mortal wounds off several characters!

Intercessor Squad x 10
Power Sword for the Sergeant x 1
Auxilary Grenade Launcher x 2
Auto Bolt Rifles x 10

Felt like a worthwhile investment, outlasted the Tacticals by a country mile in most games, and their extra shots at 24" kept them safe. 

Heavy Support
Twin Lascannon x 2
Twin Heavy Bolter x 1
Multi-melta x 1
Hunter-Killer Missile x 1

I really want the Landraider to stay, but its too easy to take out of combat with consolidations and my army needs to be kept close together, and that probably means this boy is going to be dropped!

Dedicated Transport
Repulsor x 1
Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon x 1
Twin Heavy Bolter x 1
Onslaught Gatling Cannon x 1
Ironhail Heavy Stubber x 1
Krakstorm Grenade Launcher x 2
Stormbolter x 3
Fragstorm Grenade Launcher x 2

Probably man of the match in most games:
Game 1: Took 12 wounds off magnus, and my opponent told me that he wasnt willing to charge it with Magnus after that
Game 2: Took an undamaged Predator down to 2 wounds, killed a Khorne Lord on Juggernaut & popped several terminators
Game 3: Scored 6 of my 11 Victory points!
Game 4: Consistently inflicted numerous wounds on the Grey Knights, not its fault they kept passing their saves
Game 5: Died in Turn 1 after killing a Strike squad!
Seriously thinking about a second as the firepower was outstanding! 

Lord of War Auxiliary Support
Relic Spartan Assault Tank x 1
Quad Lascannon x 2
Twin Heavy Bolter x 1

This boy throws out some serious hurt on its targets, moving forward it will get its Multi-melta back as I can spend over 500 points on it in normal circumstances. Effective at knocking out or crippling tanks & monsters. Highlight of the tournament for this guy was charging a Rhino and crushing it flat!


Anonymous said…
Having played against it itching I like it’s not a beardy army you have a bit of everything and not maxed out on any one thing
The repulsar had to go turn one it was a game ender for me
I would honestly say given any other scenario you would have won
Still a great game at end even if you did turn one kill two flyers and one and a half strike team
Kraggi said…
It was a great game, and in fairness to all of my games small decisions by me could have turned the tide... I killed a Dreadknight instead of your grandmaster in turn 2/3 and that cost me as then the grandmaster was significantly harder to shift lol!