The Current Painting Backlog - some progress!

Last time I posted about my painting backlog it looked something like this.

At the moment my assembly list looks something like this.

Since the last time I posted the following units have been assembled.

Thallax Cohort
Thanatar Calix
10 MkIII marines
8 MkIV marines
3 Outrider Bike Marines

Meaning that I basically have only 1 squad of models left to assemble.. the 10 man scout squad! 

In addition to all of that I still need to finish (or start) painting:

Since the last time I have managed to paint the following:

30+ Mk IV marines
2 MkIV Nunico Vox Marines
20 Mk III Veterans
15 Tartaros Terminaotrs
5 Cataphractii Terminaotrs
14 Heavy Weapon Troops
5 Special Weapon Troops
1 Master of the Signal
1 Legion Praetor/ Centurion / 40k Chapter Master
1 Drop Pod
1 Predator
1 Librarian
Roboute Guilliman 
Grandmaster Voldus

Tech Priest Dominus

Which Leaves me with the following to paint or finish off! 
10 MK III Veterans
10 Intercessors with Auto-Bolt Rifle
1 Repulsor
1 Primarch (Forgeworld)
1 Sicaran Battle Tank
1 Spartan Assault Tank
3 Drop Pods
1 Landraider
1 Thanatar Calix
3 Outrider Bike Marines

Skitarri Dune Onager
Skitarri Tech Thralls

Dark Imperium Nurgle Models

For me this is Great news as it has shown that getting painting done (something I can find tedious and boring) is certainly helped when the game system gets the type of revitalisation that 8th has brought, and you are getting games in! 

With luck come December I will be able to post again with most of this painted