The Current Model Assembly / Painting Backlog!

So with a flurry of purchases its time to knuckle down and get some of these models painted and ready for the table. 

At the moment my assembly list looks something like this.

Thallax Cohort
Thanatar Calix
10 MkIII marines
8 MkIV marines
3 Outrider Bike Marines

In addition to all of that I still need to finish (or start) painting:

30+ Mk IV marines
2 MK IV Nunico Vox Marines
19 MK III Veterans
15 Tartaros Terminators
5 Cataphrattci Terminators
14 Heavy Weapon Troops
5 Special Weapon Troops
1 Primarch
1 Master of the SIgnal
1 Legion Praetor/Centurion
1 Sicaran Battle Tank
1 Spartan Assault Tank
3 Drop Pods
1 Landraider

Trimuverte of the Primarch (all 3 models)
Tech Priest Dominus
Skitarri Dune Onager

Skitarri Tech Thralls

Fortunately most of the stuff in my need to paint list is over 50% of the way there (and this is why you should probably paint your models in units or batches of 5 so you actually get them completed!). This means that when I start finishing models I will be finishing a lot of them in a short period of time, but it does mean I have a rather large back log at any other time!