Firestorm 2017 - Post list analysis - the good, the bad & the fugly!

Similar to last time - lets have a look at how this tournament list went and performed. 

So a quick refresh of what I took, with a colour code of how I thought it performed:

Green = Good

Amber = Undecided
Red = Poorly

Supreme Command (+1 Command Point)

Captain (upgraded to Chapter Master), Plasma Pistol, Power Axe (Warlord), Relic - Santic Halo
Warlord using the following trait: Storm of Fire

Librarian, Force Sword, Storm Bolter
Librarian Psychic Powers: Null Zone & Might of Heroes + Smite

Lieutenant, Power Maul, Plasma Pistol

Relic Spartan Assault Tank, Quad Lascannon x 2, Twin Heavy Bolter, Multi-Melta

Battalion (+3 Command Points)

Lieutenant, Power Sword, Combi-Plasma

Primaris Lieutenant, Power Sword - Relic, The Burning Blade

Intercessor Squad (8 Marines)

Tactical Squad (10 Marines), Combi Plasma for Sergeant, Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun

Tactical Squad (10 Marines), Combi Plasma & Melta-bombs for Sergeant, Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun

Predator, Predator Autocannon, Heavy Bolter x 2, Hunter-killer Missile

Land Raider, Twin Lascannon x 2, Twin Heavy Bolter, Hunter-Killer Missile

Total Points: 1,999

Stratagems Used:

Chapter Master
Orbital Bombardment
Command Re-Roll

Unlike last time, this list has a lot less Red! Which can only be a good thing.

Both of the Lieutenants highlighted were really only in to allow me to take the Supreme command and while I took the supreme command as a useful way to grab myself an extra command point, it was also in there to allow me to take Roboute Guilliman and the Spartan. 

Obviously this list dropped Roboute, and I didnt change the list around enough. 

I could have saved myself the cost of two of the Lieutenants, which is almost another Tactical squad, or another Predator! 

Moving forward I think I will stay away from the Supreme command and suck up the lost of that command point for the extra points to spend! 

The Warlord trait was also a mistake, I decided to try and do this list using bits from the Codex but not the stuff that I knew mostly everyone else was taking... like RG! IT mattered two or three times in total... really it would be great in the middle of an infantry gun line, but at the moment the Meta doesn't really work for those lists!

Really Adept of the Codex would have been a much better choice granting me additional command points to use moving forward! 

The Librarian went from very useful, to barely useful with almost no time in between, I think his build is right, but will be looking at his Psychic powers moving forward, didnt help that he rolled three double 1's across all three games and only cast attempted to cast around 12 power (of which 6 or so failed!). I think his Force Sword / Stormbolter worked well as the lower BS he has means volume of fire is more important to me. 

The Chapter Master could maybe do with a slightly better weapon choice as well, I like the model enough, but not sure the Plasma Pistol or Power Axe really added enough value for me. 

The Predator once again had a mixed fate, being picked off early in all the games, and not really contributing (it last till turn 3 in game 1, and died in turn 1 in games 2 & 3). 

While it is drawing fire from the Spartan or the Landraider I think I might have a better option moving forward.... (more on this in another post, but it hovers!)

Additionally the two tactical squads struggle to prove their worth or lack there of give the challenges I face in the games, but I think in the interests of how I want to play one of them will be being dropped. 

I think this list misses some decent Close Combat punch, but has a nice volume of fire to deal with a chunk of targets on the table top.

I have plan to include a Repulsor instead of the Predator, and to drop a Tactical squad for some scouts. 

The Repulsor (on the build I want) will bring in a chunk more Anti-Infantry and horde firepower which will help a lot, while allowing me to get those primaris marines to where they will be most useful. 

The Scouts will help me out when facing things like the changeling where I can aim to pick out the Characters (or Exalted flamers!) and at least make my opponents focus on their positioning. 

Those changes plus the reduction of some of my HQ's will mean I don't have a duplicate unit at all, have all three troop choices in use, and have a nice mix of new and old... the true Ultramarines way to get a better and smarter fighting force! 

A new and improved list to be posted soon!