Dissecting my Army List, the good, the bad and the fugly!

So a quick refresh of what I took, with a colour code of how I thought it performed:

Green = Good

Amber = Undecided
Red = Poorly


Captain- Combi Plasma, Power Sword

Primaris Lieutenant, Power Sword

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad, 10, Heavy Bolter x 2, Missile Launcher x 2, Combi-Plasma

Devastator Squad, 10, Heavy Bolter x 2, Missile Launcher x 2, Combi-Plasma

Predator, Predator Autocannon, Heavy Bolter x 2

Landraider, Hunter Killer Missile

Hellblaster Squad

Fast Attack

Inceptor Squad


Sternguard Veteran Squad (10), Plasma Gun x 2


Tactical Squad (9), Flamer, Combi-Flamer

Dedicated Transport

Drop Pod

The Units that performed Poorly

So the Hellblaster Squad & Primaris Lieutenant. 

In all two of the three games the Hellblaster Squad just disappeared before really doing anything, in the one game it didnt it sat there with one guy left after a turn. 

All in all they draw too much fire for what little they seem to add to the list, so these guys are out! 

The Primaris Lieutenant, his re-rolls were useful at a couple of key moments, but I am thinking that I might got for the shooty version in the future, or even for the Ancient if I have the Elite choices spare, potentially extra shots from them is a nice buff. 

All in all I am likely looking at dropping both of these saving me 264 points! 

The Units whose performance was undecided

There are too many of these units in this list to be fair. 

Both Devastator squads, the Veterans & the Tactical squad. 

In Hindsight I would probably tweak this to drop one of the Devastator squads and the Tactical squad, the list works from a fully point of view (Rocking in at nearly a demi company of guys), but doesnt work from an effective point of view. 

The Veterans did really well in my second game, got wiped out in turn 1 in Game 1 & Game 3, and are a bit too expensive if they dont return some value. 

The Tactical squad could have just been a 5 man unit saving me some more points and would have been as useful for providing additional flamer.

The Inceptor squad did what I wanted them to do, when I went first they dropped in and got me first blood, but they also inherently died by turn 2, if I was going second and had already lost out on first blood I could look to drop them in when there is less available to shoot at them, and they should be more of a pain for my opponent, but so far undecided truly on these guys, a bigger unit size would help a lot though! 

The Units whose performance was good

The Captain - so apart from being not so hot at anything else his bubble of re-rolls to hit is pretty damn useful, I might even be tempted to go for a second (his base cost is that of a Lieutenant with upgrades) to give me more flexibility in my setup. His Combi-Plasma worked well on several occaisions, and in the second game he managed to knock down several terminators on his own, before the Chaos Lord killed him. 

The Landraider - So when it doesnt get 2,000 points shooting at it, he does really well. He suffered against the Chaos Space Marines, was flattened vs the Grey Knights, and was practically immune vs the Skitarri. 4 Lascannon shots, plus the Heavy Bolter and Hunter Killer works really well, I might even look to add a Multi-melta to really look at pushing out its firepower. 

The Predator - Surprisingly good and survivable, died in only the 1st game, and only in the 3rd because the game continued to turn 7. A second one of these is on my list of things to get, and probably the same build as it can really knock some people back when they realise you actually do get a flat 3 damage on that autocannon! 

The Drop Pod - For 100 points this worked well for me at claiming locations that came up as part of the tactical objectives, and the fact I can put any eligible unit in it, rather than being tied down to just one was a nice touch!

What would I change it for?

Well if I were to go with a similar detachment I would probably look at the following changes...


Captain, Combi-Plasma, Power Sword

Heavy Support

Predator - Heavy Bolter x 2, Predator Autocannon, Hunter Killer Missile
Predator - Heavy Bolter x 2, Twin Lascannon, Hunter Killer Missile
Landraider - Multi-melta, Storm Bolter, Hunter Killer Missile
Landraider Crusader - Multi-melta, Storm Bolter, Hunter Killer Missile


Terminator Squad (5), Assault Cannon, Power Sword, Powerfist, x 3, Chainfist x 1, Combi Bolter x 4
Sternguard Veteran Squad (10), Plasma Gun x 2


Tactical Squad, (5), Flamer, Combi-Flamer
Tactical Squad, (10), Plasma Gun, Combi-Plasma, Rocket Launcher

Dedicated Transport

Drop Pod, Storm Bolter

Command Points: 4

Drops: As low as 6
Models: 36

It would require me to purchase another Landraider & Terminator squad though, but gives a different type of threat for my opponents.