So what happened to my 7th Edition list in 8th?

Ok, so the guys over at Warhammer world, Warhammer TV and the Facebook page have all been saying that we shouldn't compare lists from 7th Edition to 8th Edition.

However I haven't been able to get a game in today due to toddler restrictions, so I decided instead at my first opportunity to rewrite the last (and to be fair only) list I wrote for 7th Edition. 

What is the list I hear you say? Well, you can see the original article here, or you can just look below....

Captain - Power Sword & Combi-Weapon
Command Squad (5 Plasma Guns) + Drop Pod
Contemptor Dreadnoughts (2 Strong, Khere's Assault Cannon)
Tactical Squad (Plasma Gun + Rocket Launcher)
Tactical Squad (Flamer + Rocket Launcher) + Drop Pod
Tactical Squad (Flamer + Heavy Bolter) + Drop Pod
Assault Bike Squad (3 Strong, Multi-Melta)
Devastator Centurion Squad (3 Strong, 2 Lascannons, 2 Rocket Launchers, 1 Heavy Bolter, 1 Hurricane Bolter) + Landraider (dedicated transport)

This list used to fit into the Demi-Battle Company detachment for all its benefits (note I didn't say Battle company....)

It rocked in at 1850 points, and went 1 W, 1 D, 1 L. Yeah, not amazing but it was charity thing and me getting back into the game with what I had, fluffy I thought though! 

So how does this stack up in the new edition? 


Well first up lets look at what Battlefield roles I have.

HQ - 1 (Captain)
Elites - 3 (Contemptor x 2, Company Veterans was the Command Squad)
Troops - 3 (Tactical Squad)
Fast Attack - 1 (Attack Bike Squad)
Heavy Support - 2 (Devastator Centurion, Landraider)
Dedicated Transport - 3 (Drop Pods)

So this means that my army has to be part of a Vanguard detachment granting me +1 CP, for a total 4 (3 for being battle forged, 1 for Vanguard detachment).

Matched Play

Points, well here is a real switcheroo... this list is has gone from 1850 points to 2302 points a 25% increase. 

A chunk of that comes from how much more a Landraider (42% increase) & Drop pods (300% increase).

One of the winning units is the Contemptor Dreadnought that has an 11% decrease in it's points.

Now we compared this to my brothers list from the same game, he nets out (mainly as he has more vehicles) to 35% increase in points. 

Power Level

This list rocks in at a modest 117 power... no idea how that will stack up moving forward but its a starting value at least! 

We do plan on giving this a go as a game of 8th once we are used to the points to see how it plays out (I will need to find 200 points from somewhere.... maybe something with a P at the beginning of the name?!).

All in all this was a fun task, and now means I have a pre-written list ready to rock, (it may even be good, although at a crazy points & power level!)