The logical progression....

I love Cyberwarfare... there. I said it. Again. After my last post on this I decided to up the stakes. 

A new level of evil, after the jump!

Bearing that in mind I decided to see what I could fit onto the table top.

Core Helix:- 1695
Desolator x 2
Retaliator x 3
Retaliator x 3
Informer x 3
informer x 3
Patriots x 3, Gun Teams x 3
Trojans x 2

Recon Helix:- 600 points
Anarchists x 5
Deadlock Cadre x 4, with Intruder x 1

Support Helix:- 945
Artiber x 1
Deadlock Grand Company x 6
Trojans x 2

Support Helix:- 945
Artiber x 1
Deadlock Grand Company x 6
Trojans x 2

Aerial Helix:- 540
Revenant x 1
Ghost x 5

Logistic Points x 2

This list brings in:
16 Deadlock Bases (2 sets of 30 Cyber Dice, 1 set of 20 Cyber Dice)
6 Trojans (3 sets of 14 Cyber Dice)
2 Arbiter (2 sets of 18 AA Cyber Dice)
1 Revenant (1 set of 12 AA Cyber Dice)

With some sensible positioning I should be able to get most (if not all in range of the +/- 1 to their Cyber Rolls).

It does mean that the Arbiter's are the primary targets for the enemy, and might mean things like my Desolators and Retaliators are free to run amok elsewhere.

Boosting it up to 5,000 points increases my Anti Air as I have an entire Helix dedicated to it now.

The Grand Companys of Deadlock have 3 CBQ basic, +1 if they start the CQB, and +1 if they are within range of a Drone Nexus, thats potentially 30 AD from the one unit of 6, and I think a lot of things are dying when I do that to them, especially as the follow up is a nice 20-30 Cyber Warfare dice attack! 

All in all, can't wait to use this list against someone... just need to buy another Ground Command and Aerial Interceptor Helix! 

Any thoughts or considerations you guys think I might have missed?