Can you ever have too much Cyber?

I love Cyberwarfare... there. I said it. 

Bearing that in mind I decided to see what I could fit onto the table top.

For those of you that haven't played Planetfall Cyberwarfare is a type of weapon system that doesn't do direct damage. 

Instead you hack your opponent and get to apply some interesting affects. In the main people don't like Cyberwarfare because of the random nature.

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Below you can see the Cyber table:

Considering that Planetfall is generally one player activates a unit, then another player activates a unit style of game some of these results are amazing.

In Particular Total Disarray - targetting an unactivated unit and gettign this results means your opponent cannot use them this turn, and that they lose a vital activation in delay. 

The downside? Well you could be forced to target something that is already activated, at which point an activation marker becomes pretty annoying because it doesnt do anything.

My favourites are probably 4-5 & 1. Advanced Targetting means the target units base hit score is now a 5+ and they have to repair it to get rid of that, while False Fall-back Order gives the target a disorder marker.

Disorder markers turn into damage at the end of the turn and while you have one prevents you from initiating CQB, and means if someone CQB's you, your fight back is only on a 5+ instead of 4+! 

So 3500 points is about right for our club level games.... here is what I could fit in that.

Core Helix:- 1895

Desolator x 2
Retaliator x 3
Retaliator x 3
Informer x 3
informer x 3
Patriots x 3, Gun Teams x 3
Trojans x 2
Trojans x 2

Recon Helix:- 600 points

Anarchists x 5
Deadlock Cadre x 4, with Intruder x 1

Support Helix:- 945

Artiber x 1
Deadlock Grand Company x 6
Trojans x 2

This list brings in:

10 Deadlock Bases (5 AD per base)
6 Trojans (7AD per base)
1 Arbiter (18AD)

Most importantly the Arbiter allows me to add or subtract 1 from my roll on the table. This means that regardless of the result I roll, I can ALWAYS choose one of my two preferred options. 

Admittedly the 5 & 6 will likely be a lot more subjective (i.e if I hit your Leviathan before it activates I will Activate it if I can, unless I have enough rolls that Dis-order will kill it).

With some sensible positioning I should be able to get most (if not all in range of the +/- 1 to their Cyber Rolls).

It does mean that the Arbiter is the primary target for the enemy, and might mean things like my Desolators and Retaliators are free to run amok elsewhere.

Thats the plan at least.

A little bit light on AA, outside of an Intruder, Anarchist and Gun Teams & the Arbiter's Cyber warfare, but we will see how that pans out. 

Plenty of CQB, so plenty of reasons for flyers to stay away from me!