Planetfall: All the Aquans I Own

You can probably say that my Aquan force is my primary force, given that I own more Helixes worth of models for them than I do for the Directorate. 

Lots more pictures after the jump! 

Above you can see the Heavy Helix

The Core Helix is shown here. 

The Leviathan Firepower Helix is shown here (complete with 8 models that still need basing!)

The Recon Helix, that includes the Infantry upgrade stands that still need finishing off. 

The Spare Infantry models that you dont need, hopefully we will get something that allows me to field these guys soon! 

A couple of overhead shots of the force. 

And on the right of this picture you can see the Aerial Interceptor Helix & Terquai Recon Helix as well. 

I can field nearly all of these models in one game, with the only choice I need to make being that I can only have 2 of the following three:

Aquan Recon
Terquai Recon
Aquan Aerial

Given how the Helix structure works I would need to drop one of these if I was fielding a full force.