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So a huge gap in my monthly updates.
  Below is an update since February till the end of August.

If you are interested in my overall stats you can find the link to them all here.

More Planetfall Pictures

Now for some official pictures from Spartan Games on Planetfall, not many yet... but enough to hopefully wet your appetite.

They also confirmed in one of the posts on Facebook that each of their Helix boxes will contain some of their modular terrain, the view being that as you expand your collection, you expand your terrain.

Some examples of the modular terrain are in the shot below...

A pretty neat idea that I hope pays off well for them, as I for one know I do not have anywhere near enough terrain for a game at this scale.



Planetfall Incoming

It's rumoured to come out in October.

From speaking to Spartan Games staff at Claymore and from what I saw it plays very nicely, if you enjoy Uncharted Seas, Dystopian Wars or Firestorm Armada then I think this will be a good game for you as well.

A few of us in my local club have just got into Firestorm (or in my case back into Firestorm) with a couple of Terran Fleets, at least one Dindrenzi, Directorate, Sorylian and I am sure I saw an Aquan fleet lurking around as well.

This larger group of people looking at Spartan Games is filling me with more confidence that buying these models will mean more games and more opponents that I can learn the rules with rather than teach them to.

Keep an eye out on Spartan Games for more previews coming this week, fingers crossed for a release date soon as well.

The terrain (rumoured to be included in the boxes of models you buy) looks amazing.

Some snaps from Claymore for you all.

Planetfall is incoming, are you ready?

Spartan Games Purchases

A quick post, with a decline in my 40k gaming, I have gone on a recent spending spree on Spartan Games.

My current work bench has the following sets, finally now all undercoated.

Most of the support flotilla is actually 90% painted, I just need to get a few more colours on so I can show them all to you!

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