DWARF Dreadball League 5 Weeks in

A quick post with the current standings for my Clubs Dreadball league 5 weeks in.

As you can see we are now upto 13 players in total, and while two of them havent got a game in yet, they will catch up pretty quickly. 

The top of the table is dominated by the Human teams, we do have more Season 1 teams than anything else, but the season 2 & 3's will be catching up I have no doubt. 

With 13 players and only one game vs each that means we now have a few people at the half way point so its going to be interesting to see how the Judwan & Nameless do when they find their way to a stadium!

Carronade 2014

Alocal wargames day brings out all the retailers, demo'ers and people like me. I should never be allowed at an event like this as I ended up picking up a few items....

However on the plus side Dragkon did get runner up in his painting category, not bad for his first competition!

Dead Zone Showcase

Hey Hey! Dragkon here.

So I thought I do a wee quick post that will probably be a massive one ha. Just had an all day gaming day at the club me and Krag go to on Saturday and I went photo cazy. So here you go.

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