Deadzone - Contagion - Reviewed

Deadzone Contagion, perhaps my favourite of three supplements released so far.

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It contains the following headline areas:

Contagion Protocol
Artificial Intelligence

So starting out with the first section, and my personal favourite, and the reason I would tell you all to buy this book, and buy it quick, because you are missing out without it.

This section covers all about Plague zombies.

For those of you not too clear on the Plague faction, check out my summary of why Deadzones appear.

Plague Zombies are mindless, they react to their environment, the sights, sounds and smells of everything around them.

The Contagion protocol offers two modes of play, both of which provide too very different gaming experience.

The First Uninvited Guests details how to introduce random Plague zombies into your two player games, they will add some extra hassle to your games, providing more entertainment for you.

The Second mode is called Sole Survivor, and provides you the rules to play a mini campaign, or standalone game against Zombies, you only need yourself, no opponent, so it is in essence the first way to play Deadzone on your own.

Later in this section it covers the rules for Artificial Stupidity (as Zombies aren't intelligent), the new Abilities that Zombies need, as they fight as a horde much like you would expect.

Without giving too much away Zombies can quickly crowd your strike team, meaning you really need to plan out your moves to move them the way you want, if you don't you risk being over run really quickly.

The section also details how you play with the Uninvited guests, and how the mini campaign vs the Zombies works, including the modifications to how you play the campaign differently.

This game mode just fills me with excitement and I think is one of the best and perhaps most challenge you can take part in.

Artificial Intelligence

This section details another sole play option, using the AI deck that you can purchase from Mantic it allows you to play against another Strike team.

In theory you could play an entire campaign against them.

The AI opponent draws cards to determine what models to activate and what their actions / targets will be along with when to play cards.

Not played this mode yet, but I am very interested to see how it pans out. It definitely requires you to position the models as if they were yours (otherwise it would be too easy), but again another nice interesting game mode for Deadzone


This section provides background on all of the Kickstarter Mercenaries, and includes rules for how to play a mission using all 8 of them.

More insight to the warpath universe is always welcome.

The Bad
Well, I really don't think there is a bad side to this book, the Zombie mode is self contained everything you need.

It doesn't include the AI deck which makes that an extra purchase, and if that's why you want it then there is that additional cost.

In Summary
For me this book is a 9.5/10.

I am only dropping it as it requires the additional purchase of the card deck, something I picked up as part of the Kickstarter, but can appreciate it does add to the cost.

You don't need this book, it is truly an optional supplement as nothing covered here is required to play your games, unlike the other two supplements with their additional ability sections.

Honestly, just go and buy it, truly amazing and will enhance your Deadzone experience!