Deadzone; Incursion Review

On the back of the Nexus Psi review I figured you also might like to hear about Incursion, and yes after that I will be getting onto Contagion as well.

Never heard of Deadzone? Check out the full review here

As with Nexus Psi, Incursion is very reasonably priced at £9.99.

So what do you get for your money?

Forge Father background
Asterian Background
Enforcer Background
New Scenario - Divide and Conquer
Code 13
Multi-Mat Games

Forge Father, Asterian & Enforcer Backgrounds:

This covers off a bit more depth around the Forge Fathers & Astrians and their involvement in Deadzones.

You get a bit of information about each of the new unit types for each both factions, along with a short story or two.

The Enforcers section covers off the details around the Defenders Shields, Scouts and Peacekeeper armour, again that little bit more history and background helping flesh out the Warpath universe.

New Scenario - Divide and Conquer

The aim of this scenario is to show how powerful peace keeper armour is. It has a name for your deployment followed by a victory conditions for a one off, or use as part of a Campaign.

All in a all a nice quick and simply addition with a slightly different way to play.

Code 13:

For those of us who play the campaigns or one off games but don't feel like you get enough in a 70 point force, they have kindly included rules for expanding the size of your games.

Code 13 gets declared when a Deadzone proves to be particularly dangerous, or is just a very strategic location.

In essence the rules increase your starting Strike Force's points, and the number of points for each strike team as well.

Playing a Code 13 does mean that you need more VP's to win rather than the standard 10, which does increase the challenge for some missions.


Covers the new abilities that apply to the new models that are coming for Forgefathers, Asterians and Enforcers, it also covers off the equipment that's new to give you some more information.

Like Nexus Psi it does make this another must have book, especially if you want the new factions.


With the ruined buildings, and armour building sets having just come out there are a couple of pages on the new types of terrain, and how you work out model movement etc.

Useful to clear up some of the confusion with the newer pieces.


This section includes all the information you need to play a larger multi-mat game.

Including sections on Two Mat games, including where the battle field is either Wide or Deep. This covers off your slightly tweaked deployment areas for each of the two types. The next page does the same for four mat games, and covers off the different shapes and types you can use other than easy to make two and four mat games.

The section then moves on to multi-players and how the missions work in team games.

Overall a very interesting read with plenty of information to get you started with your own ideas for bigger games

The Downsides
Well it wouldn't be a review if I didn't tell you some negatives (or that I found none).

So this book works in at the same price as Nexus Psi and the main rulebook, but it does reveal the trend that is each supplement is actually a requirement if you want to start doing everything with Deadzone.

You can play and enjoy the game very well with just the main rulebook, but as soon as you start adding models you will also need to purchase additional books

I would give this 7/10.

Not quite as high as Nexus Psi, but it does feel a bit light on the details in some respects, probably a throw back to me expecting supplements with new models to include the stats of said new factions.

As with all their books so far it provides you a really good frame work to help expand any tailor the game to how you like to play.