More Plague Faction Images

Just a couple of quick snaps of my work in progress on the Plague faction. 

Very happy with how its going on the bigger models at the moment, so now trying to put a couple of colours onto troops. 

More pictures to follow this weekend & I aim to get more games of Deadzone in this Friday at my local club. 

Fingers crossed the pictures look a little better next time I take some, but it should give you an idea of the scale of the models (useful excuse for all the paint pots in the picture!).

In the dunfermline area on Friday and attending DWARF? Feel free to look me up I will be the guy on the Deadzone table! 

Deadzone - Review

::Updated 22nd January::
::Updated 4th September with expansion review links ::

Time to let you know about the latest thing to come out of Mantic Games, and this one is pretty damn impressive!

You can also find reviews for each of the supplements here:

Nexus Psi

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Deadzone Terrain & Plague Faction

A quick post about Deadzone and the Kickstarter stuff I got through the other week. Hopefully more pictures to follow, but for now you can have a look at the terrain I assembled and plague I have begun painting.

Full review to follow soon!

This is the dulexe gaming mate I got as part of my order... I will be getting another one, or two... maybe three. At 2' x 2' its is just perfect quality, if i can bring my self to get 6 then I have a wonderful cityscape table top.

Its good quality (same quality as you get in the CCG gaming mat's) and makes storage very very simplt.

This isnt all the terrain you get in the Deadzone starter boxes, its actually double, and probably a little bit crowded. I will get some pictures up of the started boxes contents so you all get a good idea of what you get!

I fully expect my brother to complain about my close combat group charging him across this, but i basically made it all up and plonled it all down.

The terrain will work well for 40k so gives me some additional buildings for that too.

 Really like the plague faction. even more so since my models got here. Looking forward to putting painting the others, but i had to start with these guys because of their commander. 

Really glad he comes in the Starter box... as I can very much see me buying that again for all the extra models & terrain. 

In the Dunfermline area? I will be aiming to do some demo's of this at DWARF, and potentially other locations in Fife in the new year. Takes about an hour - hour and a half to play a game while learning the rules and is very rewarding! 

Drop me a comment if you are interested! 

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