Space Wolves Showcase

Hi there! Dragkon here.

So Last week I showed you the Chaos force that I have and this week as the title says it the Space wolves. This is a small force that I based of what my brother Kraggi uses It Isn't complete  finished but I have the first squad and Rune priest done for it. This one I wanted to make incase me and Kraggi end up in a double game where he wanted to use that list with these guys in. 

 With these guys I wanted to make them all look individual while trying to keep to there colour scheme. With this I decided to use a different wash from what I normally use and it seemed to have worked rather well. It was Null oil that was used on them.

Battle Brothers Tournament

This weekend my Brother and I are attending the GW Battle Brothers (doubles) tournament in GW HQ Lenton.

Return of the Sons of the Lion

Hi there! Dragkon Here.

You may remember along time ago that my brother Kraggi had a Dark Angel force called the "Sons of the Lion". Well they are back! 

Desperate Allies - Ideas

So having had plenty of time to read up on rules this Christmas and New Year, I was going over the options for Desperate Allies.

New Years Resolutions

So I figured I would put up the New Years Resolutions for my Gaming that have been bouncing round my head.

2012 in Review

2012 has come and gone, we survived the end of the world and 6th Edition.

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