Deathworld - The Results!

So my last 5th Edition Tournament.

5 Games, varying points.

You can see each of the missions, lists and my opponents by clicking on the link at the beginning of each description.

So now to the results…

Game 1 vs the Tau.
Given the nature of how our lists had to be built from what we had used before I feel I had a bit of an advantage over my opponent, with so many Shunting Grey Knights I actually ended up Tabling him by the end of Turn 4 as I closed in on him and managed to wipe out everything I needed to.
Tournament Points: 20

Game 2 vs the Imperial Guard.
Not a good match up for me. I know my list is a Glass Cannon, and in this case the Imperial Guard were the hammer hitting me in the side. I don’t think I got my tactics right against him, and would have tried a few different things in a second game. Would it have changed anything? Probably not, but you never know. I ended up with 4 Strike Marines cowering in a corner.
Tournament Points: 0 (yep so 20 for him!)

Game 3 vs Orks. Orks are always one of those lists I can never decide if I am gonna like or hate. So many models vs so few of mine can be a difficult job. Admittedly I had three Incinerators, all of which were capable of Shunting around. This perhaps proved the most decisive, although the amazing number of 2+ saves I passed on my Dreadknights did me proud too. In the end I tabled my Opponent in turn 4. I lost only 1 Interceptor in the game… again my dice rolling was pretty damn good.

Game 4 vs Orks.
Another Ork list another worry. At 1000 points I rock in at 18 models… at 1000 points he rocked in at around 100, and that’s with Ghazghull in the list. This was a brutal game… for the Orks. I managed to kill all 80 Ork Boyz, and a large Chunk of the Gretchin/Grots. In the end though bad tactics let me down, even chasing Ghazghull off the table (as he was broken due to combat) didn’t do it as I stupidly assumed that 8 wounds at str6 on the Gretchin would be enough to break them when they were 3” from the Board Edge. Turn 6 would have saved my blushes but alas it was not to be.
Tournament Points: 13

Game 5 vs Blood Angels.
I don’t play Blood Angels often, and that was somewhat highlighted in this game. His list was a strong one as winning the first turn did him no harm at all. In his opening turn he knocked down 9 of my marines forcing 3 morale checks, 2 passes and 1 fail later and I was down a Interceptor Combat Squad. The Luck turned around for me as the Stormraven died before it got the chance to launch its Blood Strikes at my Dreadknights, the Sangquinor died in Combat to Modrak and his Ghost Knights, before they in turn died to Charging Death Company (Thunder Hammers are not good on Modrak!). In the end he ran out of men before I did, but even with 10 Auto hits on the Landraider from my two Dreadknights at Str7 I only managed 2 Pens and 2 Glances, the end result was I managed to wreck it, which brought the game to the end and another tabling in my favour.
Tournament Points: 20.

Overall Tournament Points: 73.
Final Standings: Joint 2nd.

Well as my Final 5 games of 5th Edition it reminded me how much I like playing my Aggressive and in your face Grey Knights. It also highlighted the advantages of 6th Edition, as both the Death Company Dread and Landraider would have died in the first turn I attacked them with Hull Points, and instead they survived for several turns more.
It was a good tournament, I still need a way to beat an Imperial Guard Gun line, but that’s partly down to my army selection, more aggression is needed as four games I won from dictating what my opponent could do and shoot at, where as against the Guard I let him do that to me. 6th Edition will help as the Vendettas (of which he had three) will have to start in reserve meaning I will get into him in Turn 1 hopefully bringing me to a decent position prior to them arriving.