Planetary Empires Campaign Part 8

So the final post in this series about a Planetary Empires campaign. The Scenario shown below is one I posted back in August 2009, you can find the Original Post here.

I have slightly modified the rules to fit with the Planetary Empires Campaign so you will see a few differences. It is a last ditch defence of their Stronghold on the Planet... so expect the Defenders to be pretty damn hard to Shift!

The Hive:
This is the last Stronghold of a Beleagured army. To think that it will be an easy victory would be a mistake. Everything that can be done by the Defenders has been done. They have no where to fall back, no where to run. Their Empire lives and dies by their actions here today.

The Defender must use all of their Veteran Units & Commanders in the Defence of their Hive City. I would personnaly suggest trying to play this at the biggest point size that you can... it should be a truly epic encounter!
The Attacker has to Commit at least one of their Armies to the attack. Any armies not in their Territory are not eligible for this game.
All the Usual bonuses for calculating the Army size are applied to this game as well.

As per the Planetstrike rules the defender gets to setup his terrain in any way that they see fit. However they get to choose which Long Board Edge will be the attackers Drop Zone. The Attacker cannot choose their drop zone as there is only one way to get into the Hive City and it is by battering down all of the defences in their Way.

The Defender may place as many Interceptor guns as they wish regardless of the number of objectives on the table.

All Bastions must be connected to another Bastion by Aegis Defence Lines.

The Defender always gets 2 More Stratagems points than the Attacker; however the Attacker always gets a minimum of 6 Stratagem points, so the Defender always gets a minimum of 8. If there are more than 6 Objectives on the table then the Attacker will get a number of Stratagem points that corresponds to the number objectives, and the defender will always get 2 more. E.g: If there are 8 objectives on the table then there will be 8 Stratagem points for the Attacker and 10 for the Defender.


The Attacker as usual does not deploy anything onto the Board edge as everything arrives from Reserve.
The Defender must count the number of Kill points in their army, and must deploy over 50% of them on the table to begin the game. They would not leave the main entrance to their Hive City undefended. So if the Defender has 10 kill points they must deploy more than 5 of them on the table.

The Attacker gets to launch his Firestorm as usual, however the firestorm is Strength 10 as they launch the strongest bombardment possible to increase their chances of success.


The Reserves rolls follow the rules for reserves laid out in the Planetstrike Rulebook.
When an attackers unit arrives from Reserve they may arrive in one of the three ways:
Drop Zone

Any unit that could normally deepstrike in a game of Planetstrike can deepstrike in, alternatively they can arrive from the Drop Zone. Any unit that may normally Outflank (I.E Can Scout or Infiltrate) may do so.
The Defenders reserves may arrive in one of the following two ways, either from their own Board Edge, or by Outflank. All of the Defenders Reserves may choose which they wish to arrive from, however you still must declare which reserves are trying to Outflank, this must be declared before the game beings, as they are sent from a different section of the Hive City in as soon as the battle begins.


Each side gets Kill Points in the manner detailed in the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook.
Each Bastion that is controlled by either faction grants 3 additional points.
For Each Bastion that is still intact at the end of the Game the Defender gets 2 additional points
For Each Destroyed Bastion the Attacker gets 1 additional point
The Side with the most points Wins.

As usual all the Attacking units may capture a Bastion, and should both forces be in contact with an Objective at the end of the game then the Attacker claims it.

Special Rules: 
Due to the the nature of this battle all the Defenders units benefit from the following Special Rules: Fearless & Move through Cover. 

Campaign Ramifications:
This mission truly is a sign of Desperate times as one Empire is on the Verge of being wiped out. If the Defender loses this mission then the Attacker Captures their Hive City.
If they lose by 10 or more Kill Points then they are out of the Campaign entirely as their Forces are wiped out. If this is the case then the Hive City is claimed by the Attackers and all the rest of the Defenders Territories becoming Neutral.
If the Defender wins then he automatically captures any Tiles that are in the Attackers control and adjacent to the Hive City tile. The Amount of resources required to attack the Hive City itself left the Attacker Vulnerable to counter attack.
Furthermore if the Defender wins any Armies that committed to the attack are wiped out and removed from the Campaign Map.