Gaming this Week

So around taking the plunge into Magic the Gathering (mainly cause after two games, losing both and still enjoying myself) I managed three games with my Imperial Guard.

I used the list I posted here. The only modification was the lack of 1 Meltagun in the Stormtrooper squad. The picture on the left is of the Army Assembled in all its Glory.

The first game was against Tom's Space Wolves, and I once again had the dice with me, and managed a Victory. The second was against my Brothers Salamanders and again I did well with my first round of shooting and won that one too.

Finally I played Mel, and his Blood Angels slapped me about and won the Capture and Control 1-0. I was contesting his objective at the end of the game, while he owned mine.

So what did I learn this week? Well firstly I learnt that Blood Angels moved a very goddamn long way while in their Vechiles. Feel No Pain on Marines is annoying, and a Razorback in cover is surprisingly survivable.

I also learnt that its fine setting Harker and his squad up on the table, but I should only do this when I know for a fact that nothing will get to them in the first two turns, or three turns if I set him up in the middle of the Board.

My list isnt changing much, tweaking it around and making sure I use the two Meltaguns this time. I am also going to write a version with no special Characters as that is a common theme to the tournaments in the local area.

Here are a few Pictures from the Day.

Here is Mel thinking about how best to kill me.

Tom's army, surrounded by mine.

A Closer view of the Action against the Space Wolves.