Necron Tomb World


This is not a balanced scenario, this is designed to be difficult for the invader fighting against endless waves of Necrons.

This scenario was first drafted up back in April 2009 after reading one too many Planetstrike rumours.

As the invasion force moves in on the location, swarms of Tomb Necrons emerge to defend their world. Unbeknown to the invasion force this is only the beginning.


Battlefield is setup as a ruined City Scape. In the very Centre of the Battlefield there is a C’tan Monolith, make sure that this is in the very centre of the board as it forms the focal point for the game and the terrain layout.

The rules for the C'tan Monolith can be found here.

The invading force may setup anywhere on the table that is more that 18” from the C’tan Monolith.


The invading army deploys first following the these deployment rules. The Invader may deploy their army anywhere on the tabletop as long as they start the game at least 24” from the Inactive C’tan Monolith. They also must start at least 8” from each Necron Portal (this prevents Portals from being destroyed on Turn 1, unless the Demolition Charges are on faster choices).

The Necrons do not deploy anything on the table at the start of the game. Any Monoliths they have are brought in from Strategic Reserve by deep strike on Turn 2.

Each side may nominate to keep upto 50% of the Kill points in reserve, these units arrive from turn 2 as normal.

Necron units arriving on the table from any means may enter from Monolith portal doors or the Necron Portals.

First Turn

In this scenario the Necrons always go first.


Each of the Necron Portals is an Objective this is whether they are alive or dead

The C’tan Monolith is an objective as well, however should it die, then Mark that spot on the battlefield with a Crater and this will count as an objective.

This does mean that the while the C’tan Monolith is alive the Necrons will always have one Objective, as the enemy cannot contest it.

Scenario Rules for the Necrons

Tomb World: Due to the fact that the Necrons are defending a Tomb World they do not suffer from the phase out Rule.

Undying Legions: Such is the power of a Necron World that when the Necrons phase out due to damage they are repaired nearly instantly by the numerous tomb spyders and scarabs that exist beneath the ground.

All Necron units that have the Necron Special rule are recycled back into the battle. This means that any Necrons that do not succeed their We Will be back rule are placed to one side. At the beginning of each turn if there are enough dead Necrons of one type to form a legal unit then they may re-enter play through either a Portal or a Necron Monolith. If you have enough models to form a legal unit they MUST be brought onto the board, you may not withhold them for a turn. For Clarification the Minimum and maximum Unit sizes are displayed below:

                                          Minimum Size                 Maximum Size

Necron Lord*                   1                                       1
Warriors*                          10                                    20
Wraiths                             1                                      3
Heavy Destroyers           1                                       3
Destroyers                       3                                      5
Immortals                         5                                      10
Flayed Ones                   4                                       10

* When these units come back they return to the battle with no additional equipment. The Warriors will not have any the Disruption Fields, and the Necron Lord has no Wargear.

(e.g. in one turn the Necron player loses 32 Necron Warriors, 2 Wraiths and 4 Heavy Destroyers, in the following turn they will be able to bring back the following Units:
20 Necron Warriors
12 Necron Warriors
2 Wraiths
3 Heavy Destroyers
The rest of the dead Necrons are left until there are enough models to make a legal unit)

Portals: The Necron player may place 4 Necron Portals anywhere on the board as long as they are more than 24” from the C’tan Monolith. A Portal has the following Profile

Necron Portal
Toughness: 8
Wounds: 4
Necron Portal Special Rules:
Out of Phase: Any Unit wishing to shoot at the portal must test to see if it is in sight just as if they were fighting at Night. If they fail to be in range to see it they may not redirect their fire onto another unit.

It Came from Below: As the invaders move into the Necropolis they inadvertently awaken the ancient Guardians. The first defenders of the city were hidden around the city and now come out of their slumber to destroy the invaders.

To represent this on the Necrons first turn the any units that are deployed may Deep Strike with the following four changes.

1. If they scatter into an enemy unit they count as having charged and fight in the Assault Phase
2. They are able to Move, Shoot and Assault as normal; they have just risen from the ground, and are out to get you!
3. If they have to roll of the Deep Strike Mishap table, discount any results which destroy the unit. They simply count it as misplaced and the Invader gets to place them.
4. They do not have to roll for Dangerous terrain if appearing within a building.

Scenario Rules for the Invaders

Demolition Charges: The invaders have bought along some high grade explosives to destroy the power source they detected. Three of the invading units may be given the Demolition Charges, make sure to note this on your army list before the game begins to avoid confusion. They are assumed to have enough Charges to last the entire game, so may use the charge several times if they get the chance.

To use the Demolition Charge the Unit must be in base to base contact with either a Monolith, Pylon or the C’tan Monolith. In the turn they wish to use the Demolition charges they are unable to move in the Shooting or Assault phase, however the unit may shoot at another target after using the Demolition charge. When they use it D6, on a roll of a 1, the charge fails due to a malfunction or incorrect positioning and kills D3 squad members. No Armour Saves are allowed and it counts as a Strength 10 hit so will be instant death to most multi wound models. Invulnerable saves may be taken.

On a roll of a 2+ the Demolition Charge goes off as planned. It inflicts D3 + 1 Penetrating hits against whatever target it is used against.

Planetary Invasion: Due to the nature of the invasion, the invading army counts all of the Troop Choices to have the unending assault special rule. This means that when the unit is destroyed the following turn they are able to re-enter play using the rules for Flank March.

Flank March: When a unit enters the game from Reserve they may enter from any table edge.

This has now been edited from the somewhat unsightly and stupidly long post that was up earlier. Mistakes were made, and I have to admit that at least one Servitor suffered in my anger. Apologies to anyone that read the previous version as it had random gaps in the blog and unexplained content.


Schnitzel said…
Sounds pretty fun. I've got a friend who plays Necrons back in Europe, think I'll save this for when I'm back over there and throw down again.
Kraggi said…
It should sound and read a little better now, as my previous post ended up with random spaces and extra information that wasn't needed.

Glad you liked the sound of it tho .