Models Painted & Finished in March 2024

So March looked like it might be a low count, but in the last couple of weeks with birthday arrivals and some games I got my joy back in painting. Overall for the year if I continue it throughout the summer (my usual time where almost nothing gets painted!) it should be a bumper year!

As of the moment of writing my pile of shame (unassembled models) stands at a Legions Astartes Support, and 2 Dystopian War's Walkers and the contents of a second Tomb Kings starter army box, which is admittedly around 110 models, but I have made the conscious decision to leave the Tomb Kings army alone till I have the first box finished, and that is down to the Howda for the Bone Dragon - so I expect to finish that in April 24! 

Outside of those models that arent assembled I have another 140 or so that are in various states and I will chip away at throughout the year (my Adeptus Titanicus army wasnt finished and has been rebased, and now I could technically claim I have another 5 Warhounds & 2 Reavers completed, but as their weapons arent finished I'm leaving them off right now! 

Models painted / finished in March:- 52

Models Painted / Finished in 2024:- 191

Tomb Kings of Khemri

20 Skeleton Wariors

1 Tomb Prince

1 Liche Priest

3 Tomb Swarm's

Legions Imperialis

8 Spartan Assault Carriers

16 Sons of Horus LI Infantry

    - 8 Tactical Bases

    - 2 Plasma Bases

    - 2 Terminator Bases

    - 2 Assault Bases

    - 2 Missile Launcher Bases

2 Warlord Titan

1 Reaver Titans