Adeptus Custodes - 1000 points

So this list is from a quick fun game last friday. 

1000 points low model count, but getting some new models on the table top! 

Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike - Warlord: Superior Creation, Relic: Auric Aquilis, Misericordia, Hurricane Bolter

Custodian Guard (3), Guardian Spear x 2, Sentinel Blade & Stormshield x 1, Misericordia x 2

Contemptor- Galatus Dreadnought
Custodian Wardens (4), Guardian Spear x 2, Castellan Axe x 2
Vexilus Praetor in Allarus Terminator Armour, Misericordia, Vexilla Magnifica

Fast Attack:
Ventari Custodians, Misericordia x 3, Kinetic Destroyer & Tarsus Buckler x 2, Venatari Lance x 1

This rocks in at 1,000 points on the head with a whopping 4 command points sitting spare. 

It also brings me a total of 13 models to the table top, so we shall see how it performs! 

It played against a Nid list with a total of 13 models (Old One Eye & the Swarmlord being two of them)! 

Game in Review: 
I lost 16 / 13 on VP's.

We stopped at the end of Turn 4 as we had run out of time - we had a club AGM beforehand - but I had only my Warlord left. 

The number of attacks that Old One Eye throws out, and how survivable the Swarmlord is did not help!

I kept the score closer than I expected to be fair, and the following things were key mistakes: 

  • The Swarmlord really can do turn 1 charges, I knew this already, but forgot on the day! 
    • Better deployment would have prevented this charge in turn 1, and save me a number of models! 
  • I advanced my Ventari to take a back field objective, as much to prevent him getting it as to allow me to get it. 
    • If they had just shot (which they had range for) instead of trying to kill stuff in combat and going big as such, they would have survived till the following turn or so netting me a couple more victory points. 
  • The Galatus just didnt cut it against the Swarmlord
    • Better target priorities from me, I fell into a trap I know about, not focusing the mission
Overall a very good game, once I got over my shock of the list my opponent brought!

Tyrgon - Warlord
Old One Eye
Carnifex x 3
Ripper Swarms x 3

Better luck next time Custodes!