More WIP shots for the Sons of Horus!

So I managed to get some spraying done, which means I have around 24 Tactical Marines, 5 Heavy Support Marines, 1 Praetor and 1 Contemptor in a place where I can get painting them. 

Below you can see where they are so far!

This last lad has had a bit more work completed on him and will look much better with a decent base on him! 

The approach I used is taken straight from Warhammer Community with a couple of steps at the end thrown on for myself, but the list for you (and for me in the future) can be found below:

1. Sons of Horus Green - onto the Armour (couple of coats if needed)
2. Terrradon Turquoise with 5 parts Contrast medium all over armour
3. Heavy Dry brush of Sons of Horus Green
4. Final Highlight of Sybarite Green. - soft dry brush edges.
5. Black Templar - gun casing + armour joints.
6. Ironhands Steel - bolt gun + backpack (vents / top)
7. Balthasar Gold - Studs + Vents on top of Backpack
8. Mephtison Red fo Eye lenses (if I dare!)
9. Basicilcaum Grey on Metallics 
10. Dawnstone over black details
11. Stormhost Silver on edges metallics
12. Wild Rider Red on eye lenses.
13. Zandari Dust for leather / holsters
14. Nuln Oil for holsters, leather