Converted Flayed ones

In all the years I have been playing Necrons i have never actually used Flayed ones, despite once upon a time owning the original metal ones. 

Not too keen on Finecast, and following on from someone elses idea below:

credit to:

I then went a looking at Nighthaunt models for what I could do to make some Flayed Ones that are a little different. 

As I was trying to figure this out I was attending an Age of Sigmar tournament, where I saw these models in the flesh (as such)
Straight away I knew that these looked more like flayed ones, with the scythe arms for flaying!

I then lucked out even further as a night haunt player was selling some unpainted models (I also nabbed something else for conversion, but more on that later!)

The conversion is pretty easy, taking off the heads, and then using the necron spine from the Lychguard models (if you assemble Triarch Praetorians you will have some lying around).

The spines fit almost perfectly, and that becomes perfect if you trim the extensions on the back and sides on the thinner side of it. 

I have left the hair on as it looks like they have scalped their vitcims, and I have even left the flowers in the hair, as they will be used to link in with a couple of other ideas I am having. 

This gives you a nice looking unit of floating Flayed ones... fortunately I have an answer for why these models don't have any legs. 

Illuminor Szeras, he has long forgone the idea of returning to the flesh, and we know he likes experimenting on Necrons bodies. 

My tombworld has managed to hire Szeras to enhance the flayed ones to increase their fear factor.

Moving along slowly, but these now have their Leadbelcher undercoat, and its time to start working on the other colours. 

So I went for a purple cloak, and then a brown on flowing down to the group, the way in which the model moves isnt as clear as if it had legs, but they have very long flowing cloaks, and a small repulsor in their spines (in my head), I will need to do one properly flying I think though to add to the look. 

The final sprint on their painting happened when I chose the brown 'hair' colour... obviously they scalped their victims, and the mettalic roses that you can see in the hair link in nicely with the C'tan that I am planning....

I also went for some blood splatter on these that I have never done before, it was messy but very very fun!

All in all these have been fun to paint, and although useless in their first game I still have another 5 to paint, and that should make them much more effective! 


joe m. said…
Awesome idea, really great conversion! Well done!
Kraggi said…
Thank you, full credit to whoevers blog I found the top plastic looking picture (link was under the image). I just lucked out on my timings of thinking of it and seeing the models that would work with it.