Necrons since 2001


I started collecting Necrons way back in 2001, when they got their first standalone Codex. 

Since then I have played the army many times, before eventually selling it to the tail end of 6th. 

Below is a picture of my Necron Warriors first painted waaay back in 2001. Badly done eyes and sandblasted detail was my approach for them! 

Followed up by my Necron Tomb Spyder, the start of my second Necron army, at the beginning on 8th (just before the release to be fair). This was my plan for the new scheme. 

Then came the purple and silver. I decided the painting Sandblasted models was a bad idea, and going with silver with Purple was the way forward, I reckon I got about 20/30 models painted like this in total. 

And finally, my paint scheme for 9th, a mix of the two, Contrast paints are amazing for speeding this process up, and so far I am pretty happy with the outcomes! 

So far this scheme is working well for me, with around 30 models done and another 60 well on their way! 

Hopefully a few more pictures on the blog over the coming weeks as I dip my toes back into the list writing and model painting!