Carronade 2019 - The Plan

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The Summoning.

Recent events in the Vigilus system have opened an opportunity for the followers of Chaos.
While most of the systems defenders were distracted by the appearance of the Black Legion, an alliance of the Iron Warriors & Emperors Children arrived to perform a summoning ritual.

In the throes of ecstasy, and in the howls of their daemon engineers, the Warlords (Hero / Warlord names from Mike / Elliot) were blessed with a vision of how to summon a force so powerful it would crack the world open like an egg.

The Incursion did not go unnoticed with a force of Salamanders, Imperial Fists & Ultramarines assembling under their Librarians advice to stop the nefarious plans of their fallen brethren.


The Chaos forces setup first, entirely within the red area of the map. The Imperium forces setup entirely within the blue section of the map, and may place up to a third of their army in reserve. 

The Forces:
Each side must fulfil a Battalion detachment’s minimum requirements. No player is allowed more than one Lord of War, beyond that you may take whatever models you wish (i.e if you want 7 Elite units after picking 3 Troops & 2 HQ’s you can do this).

Command Points:
Each side will have a set number of command points to send on Stratagems per game. The totals per side will be the same: (8 points per Imperium player, and 12 per chaos player).

Stratagems follow the rules laid out in matched play scenarios, no Stratagem may be used more than once by each player in any given phase.

The Objectives:
The Chaos forces are attempting to summon a daemon, while they are unsure what type of daemon it is they are summoning, their visions have foretold the doom of Vigilus if it arrives.
If the Chaos alliance reach 66 summoning points, they successfully summon the daemon (stats / rules tbc).

Objective Details:
Objective B & C function like normal objectives, with the following exception; where the faction with the most models within 6" of the objective is in control of it. 

  • Objective A is where the Chaos forces are attempting to complete their summoning ritual. Each turn any Characters / Psykers may choose to take any of the following actions:
    • Instead of casting a Psychic power, instead attempt to case the following power: Warp Charge; 6, If successfully case this power generates D6+1 summoning points.
    • If the Psyker could cast two powers in a turn it may instead choose to forgo all psychic powers in the psychic phase, and instead automatically generates 2D6+2 summoning points. 
    • A model may choose to forgo its movement phase and instead generate 1 summoning point. 
  • Objective B grants the ability to deep strike models for the Chaos faction, and allows them to arrive within 8" of the enemy. 
  • Objective C grants the Reinforcement special rule to the Chaos faction

·    Objective A is where the Chaos forces are attempting to complete their summoning ritual. Each turn any Psykers within 12” of objective A can choose to either:
o    Instead of casting a psychic power, instead attempt to case the following power: Warp Charge: 6, If successfully cast this power generates D6+1 Summoning Point
o    If the Psyker could cast two powers a turn it may instead choose to forgo all psychic powers to automatically generate 2D6+2 summoning points. (this may not be attempted in turn 1).
o    Chaos models with the Character keyword can choose (when not in combat) to forgo their movement phase and generate 1 summoning point, if they are a psyker, this can be in addition to any other points they can generate in the psychic phase

Mission Special Rules:

Greater Daemon Prince:
If the Greater Daemon Prince is successfully summoned then replace the summoning point with the model you have to represent this model. 

The Greater Daemon Prince has two Stat lines. 

In the turn that it is summoning it may not act or take any actions as it's body coalesces into the material world.  

In this opening turn it has the following Stats:

It also has the following special rules: 

Resilient: It ignores any wounds caused on a 6+ roll. 
Daemon: This model has a 4++ invulnerable save
Greater of Slaanesh: This models Invulnerable save is improved by 1.
Chaotic Power: This models melee weapons strike at its strength, with D3 Damage & -D3 armour piercing. 

Assuming it survives the turn it arrives, its stats then change to (its wounds reset)

It also has the following Special Rules:

Daemon: This model has a 4++ invulnerable save
Greater of Slaanesh: This model always strikes first in the combat phase (if there is a choice between this and another model, this model still strikes first).

Keywords: Fly, Daemon, Slaanesh, Emporers Children, Character

Reinforcement: While a side holds Objective C they gain this special rule. This allows any fully destroyed Infantry (non Character) units to be brought back into play. If the side controlling objective C, also controls objective B then they may arrive by deep strike.
If they do not control objective B, then they arrive from a random table edge (label each edge 1-4, on a roll of a 5 the player can choose a short table edge, on the roll of a 6 they can choose a long table edge).
When arriving from a table edge the reinforcements are setup wholly within 6” of the table edge, and at least 9” from enemy units (unless some other rule prevents, or extends this distance) at the end of the controlling players movement phase.

Sustained Assault:
The Imperium forces are desperate to stop this summoning and are committing forces as quickly as they become available. Any non HQ / Lord of War/ Dedicated transport that is completely destroy can arrive at the end of the following movement phase from the board edge as reinforcements.
The Imperium player can choose which table edge they arrive from and the models must be placed wholly within 6” of the table edge, and more than 9” away from the enemy (if they control Objective B, they may instead setup via deep strike using the rules present on Objective B).

Winning the Game:

The Imperium will be victorious if they are able to prevent the Greater Daemon Prince from being summoned. 

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If the Chaos forces successfully summon the Greater Daemon Prince, then there will be one more full player turn played (complete the current one, and then player one more), if the model is alive at the end of the game then the Chaos forces are victorious.

The Result will be a draw, if the Greater Daemon Prince is summoned, but subsequently killed by the Imperium forces.