Forgeworld Venatari Assembled.

These models have been a joy to assemble, not something that I have said or thought about Resin components since the Dystopian Wars released their initial battlegroups & Carriers. 

I didnt go for the instruction assemblies, not quite at least, with some slightly different positioning of the weapons.

I know now that I will be getting at least another 3 of these, so mixed it up with two bucklers, and one Spear, next time I will swap that round to give me options for fielding them.

These don't currently look to have the best rules in the game, I am a little disappointed at their points costs, although here is hoping the rules bring them down slightly, either way I know I will be fielding them for at least a couple of games to give them a spin! 

If you have looked at these models then I would strongly advise you to pick them up as I think they are fantastic, the next challenge is going to be basing them as I am still not too keen on the flight stands they have, but we shall see! 


Blazmo said…
They look like some really nice crisp casts.

The good thing about rules is that they change a lot. If you're in the game for the long term, stuff often gets better or worse as the editions go by. If they aren't that great now, you either just suck the points cost up, or wait a few years for the next codex.
Kraggi said…
They were fantastic casts, really enjoyed putting them together, not usually how FW and I get along!

The rules are hit and miss as you say, they will get table time in 40k, and hopefully in 30k as well, even if they are a bit chuff they look too nice not to get table time!