Ultramarines - 2000 points post CA & Vigilus

Just the bits in blue from this picture (its actually a picture of the other 2,000 points that went into battle with it for a 4k game during the Holidays!

So yet more Ultramarines, this time with a slightly different Warlord... mwhahahaha... I mean ahem.

So with Vigilus and being on Santa's good list I was lucky enough to get the latest incarnation of Calgar. 

I even managed a game with him between Christmas & New Year, although I broke my usual rule of trying to use models that are painted! 
Battalion - Ultramarines Keyword


Marneus Calgar in Armour of Heraclus
Primaris Lieutenant - Master Crafted Auto Bolt Rifle


Primaris Ancient - Banner of the Emperor Ascendant
Relic Sicaran Battle Tank, Heavy Bolters x 3
Victrix Honour Guard (2), Power Sword, Stormshield


Intercessor Squad (10), Auto Bolt Rifles, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Power Sword
Intercessor Squad (7), Stalker Bolt Rifles
Intercessor Squad (6), Bolt Rifles

Fast Attack

Inceptors (5), Assault Bolters

Heavy Support

Hellblaster Squad (8), Plasma Incinerators
Mortis Contemptor Dreadnought, Twin Lascannon x 2

Dedicated Transport

Repulsor, Heavy Onslaught Cannon, Onslaught Cannon, Twin Heavy Bolters, Stormbolters x 3, Frag launchers x 2, Krak Launchers x 2, Ironhail Heavy Stubber x 1


Command Points: 10

Warlord Trait: Adept of the Codex

This list is a modification of the one I have mapped out at 1750 points, it gives me a nice number of command points, with none having been spent pre game (although the specialist detachments are tempting!)

Calgar does have a transport as he can now fit in the Repulsor, and the Victrix guard are there to keep him standing as long as possible, an Apothecary could help with this I imagine, but I havent yet got the model so, for now I am not trying to squeeze him into the points! 

The Hellblasters have been boosted upto 8 models, they can really bring the pain, and along side the other long range firepower I have some decent mobility if required!