1750 points of Ultramarines post Chapter Approved

So my Ultramarines, no allies, no gimmick, just a pure and fluffy list now needs a revisit. 

Post Chapter approved I have save the following:

Add in that this list is 1723 points (not my best work I know!) then that means I now have: 1636, a saving of 87 points!

All up this means I am tweaking the list as follows:- (changes in RED)

Battalion - Ultramarines Keyword

Captain in Gravis Armour, Master Crafted Power Sword, Boltstorm Gauntlet
Primaris Librarian, Force Sword
Primaris Lieutenant - Master Crafted Auto Bolt Rifle


Primaris Ancient - Banner of the Emperor Ascendant
Relic Sicaran Battle Tank, Heavy Bolters x 3


Intercessor Squad (10), Auto Bolt Rifles, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Power Sword
Intercessor Squad (6), Stalker Bolt Rifles
Intercessor Squad (5), Bolt Rifles

Fast Attack

Inceptors (5), Assault Bolters

Heavy Support

Hellblaster Squad (5), Plasma Incinerators
Mortis Contemptor Dreadnought, Twin Lascannon x 2

Dedicated Transport

Repulsor, Heavy Onslaught Cannon, Onslaught Cannon, Twin Heavy Bolters, Stormbolters x 3, Frag launchers x 2, Krak Launchers x 2, Ironhail Heavy Stubber x 1


Command Points: 8

Pre Stratagem's spent:

Open the Vaults - Santic Halo for Warlord
Chapter Master - for Warlord
Command Points Remaining: 4.

Warlord Trait: Storm of Fire

So my changes are relatively small, I have dropped a Lieutenant to bring in a Primaris Librarian, upped my Inceptor count by 2 - I like the idea of 30 shots the turn I arrive, and added an Intercessor & Stalker Bolt Rifles. 

Gives me some different options and will be good to see how this plays moving forward!