Adeptus Titanicus - the beginning

So after a long silence, its time to get back into posting some stuff here, and more importantly to get back into playing, painting and general Wargaming! 

I haven't been upto much during my time away, however below you can see the bits I am now working on!

Three Adeptus Titanicus Imperial Knights, these guys were pretty straight forward to put together, nice kits, and as you may notice in the picture above I have done a simple swap of the arms so they aren't all exactly the same (being Left handed is not a crime in the 41st millennium!)

Next up, the first work in progress of my warlords base

Followed by the completed base and glued warlord pieces, as with many other people I am leaving the armour plates off to paint... and it gives me time to figure out my colour scheme / legion! 

Finally a couple of shots after some paint has been applied. Nothing special here, as its Leadbelcher spray, followed by Necron Compound drybrush. 

Next up will be a Nuln Oil wash, with some final metal highlights before I go about picking out some other details and the final wash to finish off the skeletal frames!

This kit was a lot of fun to put together, although I am not as happy as I could be with the leg position which lead me to create a base that tips the titan forward a little so it looks less like its falling over, and more like its moving forward!