Stormcast Army started

So thanks to the very kind Garviel, I have managed to get my hands on a full Stormcast army!

I spent most of Sunday evening undercoating, and then Nuln Oiling these models, although as you can see from the picture above two of them already have some colours on them. 

This batch of models has three Lord Relictors, and one of them I have used to start testing out my colour scheme... since my Custodes took the traditional blue & gold of Stormcast, I suspect that I am going to go with the Custodes red & gold for my Stormcast. 

According to the Warscroll builder all of this (plus the Celestant Prime that isnt assembled yet) rocks in at just under 2,000 points.

That also doesnt include the other two Lord-Celestants on Dracoths that I have sitting in my shed! 

The above picture shows me about half way through Nuln oiling the models, while the one below shows what I have left to do (plus 6 Prosecutors hidden off the picture). While batch painting sometimes works I think I will be giving it a break after I use the Sigmarite dry brush to them all to focus on getting my colour scheme agreed!